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Jax Taylor Teases Vanderpump Rules Season 7 Reunion; Says “This Is The Worst/Best Reunion We Have Ever Had”

Jax Taylor took to Twitter to tease what viewers can expect from the upcoming Season 7 reunion special of Vanderpump Rules. "This is the worst/best reunion we have ever had," he tweeted while filming the reunion.

"The amount of all out brawls and we are only half way trough. I had no idea it was going to go this way.None. @BravoTV"

Jax tweeted; "Never have we has a reunion this fucking crazy, I feel like the season was not even as bad as this reunion is. @BravoTV #pumprules"

He replied to a fan who wrote "my dear god,"; "I said the same thing to the producers just now," Jax tweeted. ""Dear god" is this really happening."

He continued: "Yeah the reunion was nothing like this season. Not even close. I am still having nightmares about yesterday. In all the years I've been on this show, yesterday was probably the craziest shit I have ever seen."

"When you wake up and check your messages from your friends and we all say the same thing "Did yesterday actually happen?" #pumprules #season7reunion," he wrote.

When a fan asked the SUR bad boy if anyone walked off, he replied; "Omg, you have no idea...."

When a fan questioned Jax and the SURvers over supporting LVP's opening of her Las Vegas new restaurant after filming the reunion, he wrote; "Who said we are all friends? We are here for Lisa, sometimes you put things aside for others....well for two hours anyway"

When a fan questioned Jax over a "tamer" season he responded; "You have a long way to go till the end of the season... just be patient and enjoy the ride."

Are you guys ready for the #PumpRules Season 7 reunion? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo