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RHOCheshire Star Tanya Bardsley Pulls Daughter From School After She Was Beaten Up!

Tanya Bardsley recently revealed that she had to pull her daughter Gabriella out of college after she was beaten up. "Recently my daughter got beat up in college by a boy and a girl, so I've taken her out of that," the Real Housewives of Cheshire star told the Daily Star.

"I felt really guilty, thinking, 'Oh God, I put her on camera,' but it could've happened any way. I'm even more protective of her now."

She continued: "It might not be because of the show, because I was beat up in college too. It's just that horrible time of people's lives, so I'm really protective."

Tanya also reflects on the unfortunate fire that destroyed her home, which was documented last season of the ITVBe hit reality series.

 "I don't think about it anymore, because I've been there from the start – the crew are like family members, coming in making cups of tea," she said. "So it's only when you watch it back that you think, 'F***ing hell, that was actually horrible.'

She added: "At the time, because I've got kids to pick up, it's only when I watched it that I thought, 'Oh my God, that's my house.'"

Tanya also teased what fans can expect from her in the upcoming ninth season. "I've been seeing a mind expert about my anxiety, so I think that'll be really good for viewers to watch. I don't want to say it cured my anxiety, but it's really helped me," she told the Daily Star. "Then just my business, my dad's 60th, loads of lovely stuff – among the arguments."

Photo Credit: Tanya Bardsley/Instagram