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Lisa Vanderpump’s Daughter Pandora Vanderpump Sabo Claps Back At Tom Sandoval For Dissing Her On ‘Vanderpump Rules’ — Tom Responds!

During the Season 7 premiere of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz butted heads with Lisa Vanderpump on what she perceived to be the delay of putting together a cocktail menu and how she then enlisted her daughter Pandora Vanderpump Sabo to help out, which Sandoval didn't seem too happy about it and questioned Pandora's mixology skills.

"So why is Pandora, who has never worked a bartending shift in her life, overseeing this cocktail list? I mean why do you even want to call it Tom Tom?," he said on the show.

Following the episode, Pandora took to Twitter to clap back at Sandoval's comment. "Oh I haven’t bartended? That’s news to me. I’m also a Certified Specialist of Wine, [and] spirits [and] own a liquor company, and have created cocktails for over 15 magazines. Also, I worked alongside one of the best mixologists in the US. But keep making excuses!"

Sandoval then issued a response on Twitter about the drama regarding who should create and conceive the cocktail menu — and the timeline he was working on to meet deadlines to get Tom Tom open on time.

"We [definitely] did not [wait long to give her the cocktail list], mind u this is still 2 months away from the opening [and] if u saw my [Instagram] Stories [you] would see us working [with] thousands of [dollars] of product: spices, juices, liqueurs from all over the world months leading up to this," he told a fan. "Also we 100 %[percent] sent Pandora numerous recipes, Lisa didn’t get em."

After a fan noted he was once a student of a cocktail tutorial on the show, he defended his mixology skills. "That was just to show us the PUMP cocktails to serve at SUR [because] the cocktail menus are different and Lisa wanted us to be able to make PUMP cocktails at SUR," he wrote.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo