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James Kennedy Confirms He And Girlfriend Raquel Leviss Have Worked Through Their Issues And Remain A Couple Despite Cheating Allegations On Vanderpump Rules!

James Kennedy and girlfriend Raquel Leviss confirm they remain a couple. The Bravo reality star said they had worked through their issues despite recent cheating allegations on the recent episode of Vanderpump Rules.

"We're trying to remain positive with all of it,' he told The Daily Mail. "We've worked through what we needed to work through. We hope people will be on board with our relationship."

Despite the recent drama on the Bravo hit reality series, Raquel is standing by her live-in boyfriend and looking forward to Christmas, which she said the pair would be celebrating with family in Los Angeles.

The two will be going to DisneyLand over the holiday season, but James said he had a few more surprises in store for his girlfriend.

Kennedy then teased what viewers can expect from him this season. "My DJ career gets focused a lot more. But I don't want to give too much away because when you do it just ruins it," he told The Daily Mail.

If you recall from Monday night's episode of #PumpRules, Kristen Doute and their mutual friend Hope confronted Raquel at a restroom at SUR during gay pride.

"Are you about to say he had sex with you too?' Raquel asked. Hope then admitted: "At Coachella. When we were with you. You fell asleep in one room and me and James were in the kitchen. I'm not saying this to hurt you."

Then, Hope claimed they hooked up regularly, insisting: "This is really hard for me to do because he manipulated me for years."

Kristen warned Raquel that Hope was far from the only one, telling Raquel: "While you were at school doing other s*** he's back in L.A. f***ing everything he could stick his dick into."

Raquel eventually confronted James, with him insisting: "It's not f***ing true! Kristen's a f***ing slut."

James instists he has never cheated on Raquel: "Raquel, I have never cheated on you. I have never had sex with another girl, other than you, since I've been with you. They're f***ing lying through their f***ing teeth. It's so obvious."

Photo Credit: Bravo