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Vicki Gunvalson Undergoes Procedure To Clear Blockage in Her Ear!

Vicki Gunvalson revealed Tuesday on Instagram that she was hospitalized for a cholesteatoma. “Having a blockage cleared from my inner ear caused by the cholesteatoma.,” wrote the Real Housewives of Orange County star. “I hope to be back at the office this afternoon. Glad I have my driver @stevelodge_oc with me 😊❤️ #painintheear #notplasticsurgery #hastobedone”

Vicki shared a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed beside her boyfriend Steve Lodge, who drove her to the medical office in Irvine, California.

A cholesteatoma “is a skin cyst in the middle-ear made up of trapped skin cells and debris,” according to Stanford Children’s Health, and “can result from injury to the eardrum, chronic middle ear infections and/or chronic pressure buildup, which weakens the eardrum until a small pocket forms that stores trapped skin and debris,” according to PEOPLE.

Photo Credit: Bravo