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Former Dublin Wives Stars: Where Are They Now?

Thanks to a new article from The Daily Edge, we are getting an update on how former Dublin Wives (previously known as Dublin Housewives) stars are doing since the show came to an end. Check it out below!

Dublin Wives consisted of five women; Danielle Marr (previously known as Danielle Meagher), Jo Jordan, Lisa Murphy, Roz Flanagan and Virginia Macari. The show premiered back in 2012 on TV3 under the name Dublin Housewives.

The series followed similar format to Bravo's The Real Housewives franchise. When the show returned for a second season, the show had changed it's name to Dublin Wives, due to NBC's request.

Photo Credit: TV3

According to a report in The Irish Independent, the change came after contact from NBC which owns The Real Housewives franchise. The Dublin Spire has also been removed from the Irish show’s logo as it resembles the use of the Empire State Building in the New York version of the franchise.

"We did get contacted by NBC querying the name of our series and asking for a copy of our programme," a TV3 spokeswoman told the Indo, stressing that the contact with the US network was amicable. After viewing an episode of the show, NBC requested changes.

Photo Credit: TV3

An average of 262,000 viewers tuned into each episode of Dublin Wives during its first season in 2012. But, sadly when Jeff Ford replaced Ben Frow as content director at TV 3 he announced he wanted to take the channel from trashy to upmarket. Obviously, this meant that Dublin Wives got canned.

Danielle Marr (previously known as Danielle Meagher) was the labeled as the show's villain of the group. She was constantly bickering with the other wives, and was even uninvited to a New York cast trip. During the first season she feuded with Virginia Macari but in Season 2 she fell out with Jo Jordan.

After the show ended, Danielle went on Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 under her new name, Danielle Marr. Some of Marr's housemates included Dustin Diamond, Courtney Stodden, and Charlotte Crosby. But she became the first housemate to get evicted.

Now, Danielle is the CEO, a producer, and a writer at Unhinged Media. According to their website, she’s been busy getting qualifications in acting both in Ireland and Hollywood. She lives between Dublin, London, and LA.

She ceased her work as Medical Director at the DermaFace anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle clinic in Dublin with a sale of the clinic in December. She has since changed her name again as Danielle Marr Collins.

Jo Jordan had her first child at 16. Viewers of the now cancelled series will remember that she was the down to earth, no-nonsense mammy-like figure among the girls. She earned her place on the show as she and her husband started a business, JJ Carpets, which became a big success. She and her husband split during the show and became roommates with her co-star Lisa Murphy.

Jo admitted that she became a recluse after the show, and that it left her not trusting anyone. While she said she thought the show would be a nice thing to do after being a young single mother, she ended up regretting it.

In 2016, Jordan suffered a heart attack at the age of 42, citing ‘stress and heartbreak’ as the cause. Jo is still at the helm of JJ Carpets.

Lisa Murphy was dating well-known solicitor Gerald Kean at the time. She owned a beauty salon, A New Lisa Life. She became roommates with co-star Jo Jordan when they both became single for sometime.

While her salon doesn’t exist anymore, Lisa still appears in social pages. Lisa and Gerald ended their relationship a few months after the show was canned.

Roz Flanagan was the show's Switzerland, and had four teenage daughters at the time. Now, Roz recently appeared on social media, keeping active on Instagram. Roz is living her best life at the moment, as the blonde beauty looks better than ever.

In September, she married off her daughter Stephanie in New York City, you know the one who made a cameo on the show, who was studying college in the big apple. Roz appeared to live life to the fullest as she travels around the world with her family.

Virginia Macari was instantly the breakout star of the show and was the fan favorite. Unlike some of her co-stars, Virginia has continued success with her swimwear line. Often times used to compare her to RHOBH's Kyle Richards.

Since the show ended, Virginia had a few bumps with the father of her son, who pleaded guilty to fraud charges.

Despite the hiccup, Macari who has moved to Spain with her son Thor has released a new collection called Virginia Macari Beachwear Couture. In May 2018 she released the Amore Collection. CLICK HERE to purchase Virgina's swimwear.

Source/Photo Credit: The Daily Edge, TV3