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Siggy Flicker Spills The Tea And Shares Behind-The-Scenes RHONJ Secrets!

Siggy Flicker may no longer be on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but the relationship expect recently took to Twitter to share some interesting behind-the-scenes secrets during her time on the Bravo hit reality series.

Last week, Flicker shared with fans what really went down during her time on RHONJ, and revealed why she was so emotional during her fights with some of her co-stars during the show's eighth season.

"Let the editing fool the fools. Who Cares!!!," she worte. "I get stopped 50 times a day. People got it.. There is enough footage on me being on TV for the past 10 years for everyone to know the real Siggy - crazy,loud,funny,heart, soul & soggy!!!," she tweeted. 

Siggy defended her behavior by claiming that the show's editing protected others, but admits she would have loved the viewers to witness what caused her freakouts. Despite the drama, Siggy says she is proud of herself for standing up after being "attacked for hours."

"Season 7 & 8 was ALL SIGGY! I would not take any of it back. In fact, I am proud of myself for standing when constantly attacked for hours upon hours. What I wish the viewers would have seen was the brutal interactions that were cut out to protect some!"

"...also remember that what you are seeing in 2 minutes was actually 4 hours of filming. When someone takes out what others said and only show over the top reactions, the narrative changes. We live, We learn."

Siggy then shared more details on why her feud with Margaret Josephs escalated. "What you didn't see were the attacks on my husband, kids and then religion. I will give you my dads number & you can call him & ask him what he thought about a woman coming at you for months and then bringing up [Hitlers] name. Editing did a full cover up."

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Photo Credit: Bravo