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Lizzie Rovsek Reveals Her Biggest RHOC Regret And Opens Up About Her Divorce!

Lizzie Rovsek recently got candid about her divorce from husband Christian Rovsek. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star also spilled the tea about her time on the Bravo hit reality series and much more.

Lizzie revealed during a recent appearance on Tony's Tea Corner podcast her thoughts on newbies Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson.

“I’ve met Gina and she is a doll,” she revealed, adding that she and Emily are good friends. “With Emily, it’s like watching what happened to me all over again. I’m like, I don’t envy where you are but I’m here for you. I love Emily. She’s a great girl. If anyone knows anything about her, they know she has a ton of friends,” she said. “She’s a girl’s girl. She’s never done anything questionable to me,  and we’ve been friends for a while now. She’s holding her own- I feel like they’re all kind of against her right now, and I know how it feels. To everyone watching right now- she’s going be just fine. She has a heart of gold.”

Rovsek then revealed which former co-stars she will keeps in touch. “I love Vicki and I love Kelly. Vicki went through a really rough couple of years, but she’s been a good friend to me. The turning point I had with Vicki was when I was in the dressing room for the reunion, and she popped her head in and said ‘Come on girls, let’s go out there and tell the truth.’”

As you may recall, Lizzie joined RHOC during the show's ninth season and return as a "Friend of" during the show's tenth season. She reveals the real reason why she returned to the show in a reduced role.

“I was actually hired full time. I was not hired as a friend. We filmed a lot of stuff, it was an amazing year for me. I don’t really know exactly what happened. A showrunner came up to me a few times and said ‘I’m just gonna be honest with you. There’s an older housewife on the show that says you do not want to be here.’ I said ‘who said that?’ and he didn’t tell me who it was,” she revealed on Tony's Tea Corner podcast.

Then, Tony, the podcast hosts asks if it was Tamra, which she didn’t deny it. “I don’t have time to hold grudges or have hate,” she said.

However, Lizzie admits she does have one regret from her time on the show. “The only thing I regret is letting Tamra talk about my kids on the reunion. I should have stood up for myself there.”

 As you may recall, Lizzie filed for divorced and for the first time opens up about her split from husband of eight years, which they share two children, Kingston and Preston.

“I’ve been through a lot. I know I’ve been really quiet about my personal life- the past year or two has been hard. I’ve been through some sad times, but right now it’s on the up- swing and I see the light. I’ve dealt with a lot of things.” She then got emotional and started to cry. “You’re getting me choked up!”

Lizzie then sets the record straight about an article that claimed that she still had her wedding ring on her finger in a photo where she's with Emily Simpson. “That’s not my wedding ring. I don’t wear a gold band wedding ring. My wedding band is diamonds all the way around. So, if you see a gold band (on my finger), that’s not my wedding ring.”

Lizzie, who keeps herslef busy raising her two children and her swimwear line Sun Kitten Swimwear reveals she has a new project in the works - a book.

“I’m working with an incredible life coach, and I’m in works for a book,” she revealed on Tony's Tea Corner podcast. “It will have a lot to do with the balancing act for moms, God, and how to deal with a lot of the tough stuff.”

Photo Credit: Bravo