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Gina Liano Opens Up About Her Recent Health Scare!

Gina Liano opened up about her recent health scare. The Real Housewives of Melbourne star, who overcame cancer in 2003, revealed that she rushed herself to the hospital with abdominal pains.

“The last time I had a health issue I had to resign from Celebrity Apprentice and it was 10 years post-surgery,” she told the Herald Sun. “I jumped in an Uber at 2am as the pain got worse. I had anxiety through the night, it’s quite confronting,” she continued. “I sat there this week thinking I had cancer behind me, but it’s all come back.”

“You think, ‘Gina you have this compromised body and you were gearing up to exit at age 36.’ It’s a reminder for me: ‘Hey, slow down, you need to take care.’”

Liano was moving boxes to her new house in Rye when she suddenly felt pain. She now needs to undergo further surgery, according to the publication.

“I’ll probably have it early next year, but I knew from the pain the seriousness of it, she said. “A lot of people think when someone is recovered from cancer that’s it. But their hair doesn’t grow back properly, there’s scarring and in my case a lot of scar tissue. It’s likely to keep recurring unless I have surgery.”

Despite her recent hospital visit, Liano has been back on her feet this week to work on her new business venture.

Liano has launched her own fashion line with VIP party at Dollhouse Melbourne where her collection will be stocked and soled.

Her fashion line includes cocktail dresses, evening dresses and faux fur jackets.

“It’s glam day wear, evening wear and cocktail,” Liano told the Herald Sun about her clothing range.

Photo Credit: Google Images