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RHOS Star Lisa Oldfield Reveals She Now Carries A Tactical Pen After Being Sexually Assaulted Two And Half Years Ago!

Lisa Oldfield revealed during an appearance on The Morning Show on Friday that she was sexually assaulted two-and-a-half years ago. The Real Housewives of Sydney star explained that she now feels safer because she carries a tactical pen to defend herself.

"I was sexually assaulted two-and-a-half years ago," Lisa told hosts Kylie Gillies and Ryan Phelan. "I was attacked in the cab, so now I feel a lot safer carrying this," she added, referring to her tactical pen by Smith & Wesson.

The topic was brought up when Lisa was asked to whether she supported a Queensland senator's push for women to carry tasers and pepper spray as a form of protection should they be attacked.

Lisa said that she didn't think such measures were necessary because a tactical pen was just as effective.

"This is all you need. The pen truly is mightier than the sword," she said, adding that it is "completely legal to carry."

Lisa revealed that she has become "a bit of a hermit" following the attack that happened in "broad daylight."

"To be honest, after the attack I have become a bit of a hermit and try to avoid going out wherever possible, which is quite sad as I was a very social person prior to the assault," she told The Daily Mail Australia. "The tactical pen and my martial arts training give me confidence that I could defend myself should I find myself in the unfortunate position of being assaulted again."

Photo Credit: Foxtel