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Former Real Housewives Of Cheshire Stars: Where Are They Now?

Thanks to a new article from Liverpool Echo, we are getting an update on how former Real Housewives of Cheshire stars are doing since they left the show. Check it out below!

Ampika Pickston was one of the biggest characters on the Real Housewives of Cheshire. Ampika’s relationships were the main focus of her storylines, with her ex-husband Mark also starring in the show and Ampika talking about her “mystery man” who was kept off screen.

Ampika also had huge fall-outs with Dawn Ward especially, as well as clashing with other housewives throughout the series.

Ampika left the show in 2017, after the rows with other co-stars just became too much. Since leaving the show Ampika has stayed in the public eye, becoming best pals with Kerry Katona.

The unlikely friends have hosted a variety of events, including a pyschic night and an “audience with” show.

Ampika also runs a beauty salon called Opium - which featured heavily on the show. Ampika is often pictured with her former co-stars and hasn’t ruled out a return to the real housewives in the future.

Ampika, the owner of Opium has expanded her beauty brand as she has launches a shampoo and conditioner range called Ampika lox, which she recently revealed that she will be selling the range on SKY channel 686.

Earlier this year, Ampika has launched a new weight loss product called Skinny Revolution.

Leanne Brown dramatically left the show shortly before the seventh season aired. Leanne and Dawn were best pals in the first few seasons, with Leanne often sticking up for Dawn in arguments.

But following a fall-out over a loan, Leanne and Dawn became enemies, with the pair locked in a legal dispute that was often referenced on the show. Leanne often ended up in tears in later seasons, as she struggled to film with Dawn.

The fall-out eventually became too much for Leanne to deal with and she quit the show. Speaking to the Manchester Evening News about her decision Leanne said: “It was really difficult making the decision to leave, I loved my time on the show, and I never say never about going back, but with things as they are I won’t be going back, it’s just too difficult. It was affecting me and my family.”

Leanne now plans to focus on channeling her energy into her charity efforts, especially with charities empowering women. She is now raising funds for charity One Woman At A Time. with the launch of a T-shirt range with Irlam clothing firm OBD ( Back in March, she hosted an Empowerment Ball earlier.

Magali Gorré stormed onto our screens in the first series in 2015. The firey Dutch housewife is married to former Dutch international footballer Dean Gorre and the couple have three sons - who all play football.

Magali was not to be messed with and was involved in several confrontations during her time on screen.

Her catchphrase “If you cross me, you better don’t cross me” became infamous, with several people feeling her wrath. Magali left the show in 2016 after two seasons, saying she wanted to spend more time with her family, after her father passed away.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News at the time she said: “After having a while to think about series three, I made a decision, albeit very bittersweet, to take a break from the new series. Away from the show, last year was a very tough year for my family and I, dealing with various family illnesses and the sad passing of my father.”

Since leaving the show Magali has stayed fully involved in the Cheshire social scene, and is often pictured with her former co-stars.

On her Instagram she regularly shares her glamorous lifestyle, which includes shopping sprees, gym trips and vacations.

Since leaving the show, Magali has launched a YouTube channel called Magali World where she recaps the show and she has also revealed that she's writing a book about her time on the show and the Cheshire lifestyle.

Missé Beqiri appeared on screen during season three, while she was married to footballer, Anders Lindegaard, who she has a young son with. The stunning model quickly fitted in with the gang and was involved in the usual drama on screen in especially with Ampika.

During her time on the show Missé’s marriage broke down, with her dramatically declaring “I take my ring off.”

Missé left the show after two seasons, as she moved to London to start a new life. Since leaving the show Missé embarked on a whirlwind romance with former Towie star Jake Hall.

The pair got serious very quickly, with Missé falling pregnant in early 2017. In November, Missé and Jake announced the birth of their daughter River. In May 2018, Missé confirmed that she was engaged to Jake.

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