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RHOBH Alums Eden Sassoon And Kathryn Edwards Weigh In On Season 8 Drama!

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Eden Sassoon And Kathryn Edwards took to Twitter to share their thoughts on current season 's drama and Kathryn shares some details about her then feud with Erika Girardi and more. Check it out below!

"As mean as LR was to me last year she sure has made a switch #RHOBH. [Love] her, Good acting," wrote Eden about Lisa Rinna.

Sassoon also gave some advice to newbie Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, "RHOBH @TeddiMellencamp please save yourself & leave"

"Omg this is such BS - LR can't stand Dorit #rhobh Shuttttt up Dorit NO ONE CARES," Eden tweeted about Rinna's relationship with Dorit Kemsley.

"Just give Erika her own show & get her out of this mess because it's not becoming on her," Eden tweeted about Erika Girardi's behavior. "Omg #drama please Erika you know the game."

"Omg. We are old friends! Oh LVP u both might be old but you R not friends STOP THE BS," she wrote.

Eden also called out Dorit Kemsley for her behavior this season. "[SHUT] UP DORIT... you have 100 changed. Wow what a year will do to someone #fake"

Meanwhile, Kathryn Edwards shared more details about her time on the show and revealed some interesting facts like who she's in touch with, who she dislikes and her then feud with Erika Girardi and more. 

When asked if Kathryn got a fair shot during her season by Twitter account Real Housewives Poll, she came into her own defense and tweeted the following, "I love her! And I also believe she was brought on 4 the OJ stuff. And no she didn’t get a fair shot, was edited poorly but she wouldn’t go back for anything."

"I like all of them except for 2 from my season & considering I’m not into drama, I will keep their names to myself but you might be able to guess," she tweeted. However, when a fan guessed that the two people she disliked were Erika and Eileen - Kathryn simply replied "Boom" along with some laughing emoji smiley faces. 

Then, Kathryn shared some details in her then feud with Erika Girardi after a fan brought up how Erika treated Edwards on the show, Edwards replied: "Cuz she was given a pass by EVERYONE on her language, lack of underwear (yes, even back then) & lack of respect 2 all, including crew, Kathryn shared about Girardi. "She spends a ton of $, that goes far. She sure cleaned up her mouth after her first season. Has she called anyone an F’in C___ again?Not my fav"

"Thank you, I appreciate that someone recognizes manners and civility.  I wasn’t raised that way & I’m not going 2 act a fool for tv," she tweeted.

When a fan confessed to Edwards that she secretly wanted her [Kathryn] to punch Erika, Kathryn replied, "I wanted to but then I’m the bad one...but my mind went to wicked places. Karmas a bitch and she always comes full circle"

When asked if she keeps in touch with any of her former co-stars, Edwards replied, "Yes, I keep in touch with a few of them but our lives are very different. I wish them all well, I just prefer some personalities more than others."

Despite the drama, Kathryn says she likes Rinna and admits that Girardi is "very good for the show."

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Eden and Kathryn? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo