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Gretchen Rossi Opens Up About Her Plans To Undergo IVF!

Gretchen Rossi recently opened up about her plans to undergo IVF, in hopes of welcoming a baby with her longtime fiance Slade Smiley. "I am praying that we can have at least two babies, she told Life & Style Magazine.

"If I had the ideal situation, of course a boy and a girl would be wonderful, but as the saying goes, 'Tell God your plans and watch him laugh.' So, I will be happy and blessed with everywhere he thinks is best for us," she explained. "I used to [want] four, but now I would be happy if we could just have one."

Rossi also reveals that she is putting wedding plans on hold to focus on hopefully having a family through IVF.

"Right now we are putting our resources towards having a baby and who knows?" she said. "Maybe we will just be like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn or Orpah Winfrey and Steadman Graham who have just been together for years." However, if they do have a wedding, she revealed that she's "sure [she] would invite some of our friends from the show."

While Rossi has no kids, Smiley fathered two sons during a previous relationship.

Back in 2016, Rossi got candid about her fertility struggles. "We have been full-steam ahead on trying to start a family. It's been a good two to two-and-a-half years of really trying actively to have a baby. That's been, quite honestly, very difficult on us because he had a vasectomy and so we couldn't get pregnant naturally super quick," Rossi told PEOPLE at that time.

"So we did IVF first and we had such great results at the beginning and then the day before they were supposed to implant all the embryos – we had 14 embryos – basically what happened was they arrested, which means they all died off. That was very disheartening and a very difficult time for us and it was just emotionally, physically and mentally extremely draining."

Though pregnancy has been an ongoing journey for the couple, Rossi is optimistic about having children of her own, telling PEOPLE: "I hope the Lord blesses us with a baby."

Photo Credit: Bravo