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Brandi Glanville Thinks Omarosa Manigault Did Celebrity Big Brother To ‘Adjust Her Image’

Now that the first U.S. edition of Celebrity Big Brother has ended, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville reveals why she thinks Omarosa Manigault's joined the show after leaving the White House.

“I didn’t mind her! In the end, I liked her, but it was very clear to me, and I think to most people, that she was there to do a PR campaign, to change a conversation and adjust her image,” Glanville told Us Weekly. “That said, she has the temper of most, like myself. I ended up liking her … and that’s weird for me to say.”

Does Brandi think that her former RHOBH co-stars would be able to handle Omarosa?

“Oh, my God. They couldn’t handle her, trust me. They could not handle it,” Brandi said of her former Bravo castmates. “They couldn’t handle her. They get in a fight over diamond earrings that might not be three carats … no.”

Glanville also opened up about seeing Andy Cohen in her message from home earlier in the season.

“I think it was really sweet because he knows my ex-husband doesn’t allow the kids to be on TV, so I know they reached out to everyone and couldn’t get the kids to do it,” Glanville, who has two sons with ex Eddie Cibrian, told Us Weekly. “So, I think it was really sweet of him to show his star power and give me a little love. He knows the whole thing. The first person I texted when I got out was him. We texted all night.”

Photo Credit: Bill Inoshita/CBS