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Teresa Giudice Sounds Off About The Possibility Of Caroline Manzo And Jacqueline Laurita Returning To RHONJ!

It's been heavily rumored that Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita are set to make their grand return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey's upcoming ninth season. Now, Teresa Giudice is sharing her thoughts on the idea of having her nemesis return to the Bravo hit reality series.

"Maybe if they both come back it's because they need the money," Teresa Giudice told E! News. "But, I mean, whatever, bring it on. I could give two s—ts if they come back. Do I want to reconcile being friends with them again? No. They're both evil people and I really don't want anything to do with evil people. I don't, but if I have to give them a piece of my mind I will."

Teresa said that Caroline was cozying up with her own family as a plot just for the show because she's a "money hungry bitch."

"When you trash your own family, you'll do anything for money," she explained about Manzo'd feud with sister Dina Manzo. "And that's the thing, you can't make up with your own family and fight, so of course she's going to trash me, like I care, she's nothing to me."

"I always respected her because she was Dina's sister. Now, I have no respect for her... and she said the nastiest things about me."

"I really don't care," says Teresa about the possibility of Manzo and Laurita's return. "I dare her to come back."

As for Siggy, who announced her departure from the show last month, Teresa said she's not shocked that Siggy quit the show. "It's not for everyone. You've got to have thick skin in this business."

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Photo Credit: Bravo