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Ramona Singer Talks Partying With Her Daughter Avery’s College Friends And Dishes On Her Dating Life!

Ramona Singer is learning a thing or two about alcohol from her college-age daughter. The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer opened up her very close relationship with her daughter Avery, who will soon be wrapping her senior year and graduating and gives an update on her dating life.

“I went down and I was like one of the girls in her sorority house. She took me to all the sorority parties, the date functions,” Singer told PEOPLE Now. “I hadn’t been there in a while, and all these girls embraced me: ‘Ramona! Ramona! Ramona!’ And even the boys: ‘Hey Ms. Singer, nice to see you!’ I go, ‘No, just call me Ramona.’ ”

The students included the Bravo personality so much so that they even invited her out to a night on the town!

“These kids are so great,” Singer says. “We went on a bar crawl. I don’t really drink that much with them. You gotta pace yourself. We dance, we have fun,” she continues about her night out with the college students.

During her time spent with Avery’s sorority sisters and friends, Singer learned a new alcoholic concoction that she can perhaps implement at a future Housewives dinner party.

“I learned what’s called The Razor,” says Singer. “The Razor is when someone puts their head back and simultaneously you put lemonade or lemon soda with vodka,” she explains, and adds, “So I started doing it with the kids, like giving them Razors.”

Singer finalized her divorce from ex-husband Mario after more than 20 years of marriage. Now, Singer has been seeing other people — from “all over the world” and the country!

Although “no one has stuck yet,” according to Singer, she knows what she wants: “From a superficial level, someone in their 50s; someone who’s established enough in their career where they can take time off, because I can take time off and travel and enjoy life; and someone who’s been married before — because I think that’s important; and someone who has a child or two, but they’re older.”

“And then someone who makes me laugh,” she adds. “To me, laughing is the most important thing in life.”

She also says that attentiveness is important, as well as someone who is “self aware, not self-absorbed.”

Photo Credit: Bravo