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Lisa Oldfield Says The Real Housewives Of Sydney Saved Her Marriage To David Oldfield!

Despite revealing that her marriage to David Oldfield was going though a rough patch due to being on The Real Housewives of Sydney, Lisa Oldfield says taking part in the Foxtel hit reality series may have saved her marriage to former politician.

“The show made me wake up to myself,” Oldfield told WHO Magazine. “I had been quite selfish, living in this bubble. It had all been about work, work, work. I didn’t realize until the show held a mirror up to me that I wasn’t being the best wife in the world.”

Lisa says viewers can expect to see her and husband David Oldfield, a property developer who co-founded the One Nation Party with Pauline Hanson in the mid-1990s, hash out their problems on air as the season progresses.

“Listening to some of the women wax lyrical about their husbands … you know, they seemed to be getting great support at home,” she says. “For me, home wasn’t the greatest place. And it wasn’t always like that. I had initially blamed David, but once I started to talk to friends and family, they told me I had shut him out, too. The show was the impetus to understand that.”

So how, exactly, has the dynamic between the Oldfields changed? “I mean, I no longer want him dead. That has got to be a good start,” jokes Lisa.

The Real Housewives of Sydney airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena in Australia and on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm on Bravo NZ in New Zealand. For International TV Listings, click here!

Photo Credit: Getty Images