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Ann Kaplan Mulholland On Being A Successful Smart Woman And Joining The Real Housewives Of Toronto: “I Try Not To Be Too Pretentious”

While she may be married to one of Toronto’s top plastic surgeons, Ann Kaplan Mulholland is not your typical housewife. She may have the beauty but this Real Housewives of Toronto star also has the brains and she has multiple degrees to back up that statement.

Kaplan Mulholland, also acts as the CEO and president of iFinance Canada, and is a mother of eight children with her husband Dr. Stephen Mulholland.

“I’m very well-educated,” Mulholland told ET Canada. “I have a couple of masters degrees – masters of business, an MBA, a degree in interior design. I have a corporate governance designation, and I’m just finishing my doctorate in business.”

While she has written four books and has also been named in Maclean’s Magazine’s “Canada’s Top 100 Women in Business” for 2015, Mulholland admitted that she doesn’t mind the finer things in life. “I try not to be too pretentious,” she joked. “But anyone who knows me would be rolling over laughing if I said I wasn’t pretentious.”

With regards to bringing her large family in front of the cameras, Mulholland said she hasn’t quite told her children about her involvement in the upcoming reality TV show. “The cameras came over and I said to the kids, ‘The show is about eight is too many and over thirteen weeks, we’re going to get rid of one of you.'”

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The Real Housewives of Toronto premieres in Canada on Tuesday, March 7 at at 10:00pm ET on Slice!

Photo Credit: Slice