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Chyka Keebaugh Teases Upcoming Drama Between Gamble Breaux And Gina Liano And Weighs In On Janet Roach And Susie McLean's Awkward Double Date!

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh explains why she and Janet Roach decided to confront Gina Liano about throwing a Celebrity Apprentice Australia viewing party and weighs in on Susie and Marcello's date. Chyka writes:

"So what did we all think of Gamble’s wedding last week? Thankfully there was no rain in sight and it’s time for us to head back to the hotel and start the celebrations.

The hotel garden was transformed into a wonderland of lights – it’s time for champagne. The bride and groom arrive, and Gamble has changed into such a gorgeous dress – Alin has outdone himself. Susie and I catch up for a chat about Marcello, who came up last night and bought her a champagne. I thought it was so cute that she wanted to see him again but didn’t know what to do! I love that she thought I would know what to. Hello! I haven’t been on a date for 26 years!

Brian has all the girls asking a million and one questions; he was very good at defending himself and there was no holding back. We all love Janet, so I think we all felt that we needed to support our friend. I do think Janet and Brian have a great relationship, and it’s nice that they have come to a point that they can be such a good friends again. Does Brian want Janet back…? Yes, I think so. But does Janet want to go back…?

Gina lets Gamble know that she is walking Myles to the car as she is aware that she was upset when Gina left the drinks party the night before. Did Gina go back to watch the show with her boys and some friends – I think Lydia may have already answered that! I introduce Susie to Bodie – I had seen him the night before coming out of Gina’s room. Gina had told Jackie and I that she was having a viewing party, then she said that she was leaving early to have a cake for Myles birthday. I’m getting a little confused. If that’s what she wanted to do why couldn’t we all have done that together?

The wedding cake caused some drama. When the wind came up, it nearly flew off the balcony. I don’t know how much help Bruce and I were but with the wind and rain it could have been a big mess! The table looked amazing, and I loved the speeches. Luke’s speech was so heartfelt and painted a beautiful image of Gamble as his new mum. Rick so knows how to make the waterworks start. He speaks from the heart and just calls it as it is. I am so happy for Gamble and Rick; I think he is her perfect match, and I wish them both all the love and happiness together.

Janet and I decided to talk to Gina about what happened the night before and didn’t that work out well! Gina does not like confrontation and never really listens to what’s being said. I don’t think anyone of us has a problem with Gina watching her show. She is right; we would want to watch ourselves. The point is she said she was going to have cake but then didn’t have it until after the show. I know she didn’t want to watch the premier with us, but I think the whole thing could have been handled better. I was excited to see Gina on Celebrity Apprentice and had taped it at home to watch myself. I am proud of what Gina has achieved, and I always send her a message to wish her well! I hate confrontation at the best of times, and that was an awkward situation!

We are all back home and back into the swing of things with Janet and Jackie have a catch up to rehash the trip and what’s going on with Janet and Brian. Susie takes Rupert for a driving lesson, and I remember those days! I am so grateful that both my kids have their licence and those days are well and truly over. Susie’s boys are gorgeous and it great to see some mother and son time together! The way they talk to each other is hysterical, and I loved it when they talked about Marcello!

It’s all about families this episode, and now we have Gina visiting her beautiful dad. He is in a nursing home, and Gina fills him in on everything she has been up to. I found this touching as it is a side you never really see of Gina, it is nice to see her opening up. Gina said she would love to see more of her Dad, and I think if she feels that – she should do it.  It’s my turn now to have a family moment. Chessie comes to visit Bruce and I and wants to talk about how she isn’t enjoying her course. Chessie works three days a week with a PR company and then two days at University. Bruce and I didn’t go to uni, and we have made many mistakes. Would that have happened if we had been to university? Who knows! But I do think it’s very important for both my kids to finish something that they start. Chess is a very headstrong woman who actually can’t be told what to do. Ultimately, I know it’s her decision, but as parents, you can’t help but guide them where you want them to go. We will see what happen.

Janet and Susie go on the world’s most awkward date ever. Thank God for Christopher, who keeps it all light bright and breezy. Marcello doesn’t look like he is having much fun and the etiquette queen does not like how he is eating his bread or his meal! I love that Janet just keeps talking as I think Susie was dying. I don’t think Marcello is for Susie, what do you think? Janet is having fun and all Susie wanted to do was run!! Janet doesn’t get Susie’s signals and watching Susie try and leave was just hysterical! I don’t know what I would have done in that situation! 

Last family event for the episode was Gina’s party for Myles. Hmmm…. so if Myles is having a party the excuse to leave Gambles drinks early just doesn’t make sense! Just saying. Gina has cooked up a storm and the image of her cooking in the kitchen in her dress and jewels makes me laugh! Pettifleur and Lydia have been invited to celebrate along with family and friends, and the girls decide to have water together! Now that’s unusual; I’ve never seen that before! The girls talk about the wedding and where did Gina go – yes it’s being rehashed again, and I find Ginas interpretation of the event quite incredible. I don’t think Gamble is paranoid – it was her wedding, and maybe she had a few other things going on and I would have thought as her best friend she may have been able to see that. Obviously, there is so much more to come on the Gina / Gamble friendship so buckle yourselves in for the ride! Chyka xx

Can Gamble have a drama free wedding reception? You will have to wait and see! Chyka xx"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

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