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Gina Liano Shares ‘Judge Gina’ Spin-Off Update And Dishes On New Season Of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice Australia’

Gina Liano is currently starring on the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia and is keeping busy filming the third season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. During a recent interview, the mother-of-two opened up about the status of her court spin-off, Judge Gina as well about how competitive Apprentice can be and more. Check it out below!

As we reported last year, Liano filmed a pilot for Judge Gina for Foxtel, in which she presides, in similar fashion to US reality court room show Judge Judy.

Liano recently revealed that she met with media personality Eddie McGuire, whose TV company McGuire Media has produced the show, about Judge Gina evolving into a first season.

"I'd do other reality but that format (I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!) I wouldn't do and I probably wouldn't do Dancing With The Stars," Liano told The Daily Mail.

"We did the pilot for Judge Gina and they are still working on when they will commission it.

"They haven't said no, and I spoke with Eddie McGuire the other day, but I expect a decision by the end of the year because they have a 12 month hold on me."

Meanwhile, Liano is becoming everyone's competition on the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice. Several of her fello apprentice teammates admitted to being intimidated by her presence.

"I don't think their comments are based on my interaction with me ... they are based on their knowledge of who I am rather than their experience with me," Liano said

"They feel like I am unapproachable and that's intimidation to them."

The glamours barristers says that The Celebrity Apprentice may be a competitive but it's nowhere near as bitchy or as confrontational as The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Liano said some of the Housewives actually waited until filming started before ambushing her with an issue.

"I don't think there was clashing or arguments or anything like that on Celebrity Apprentice. It was a different mission because you have to work as a team together," she said.

"On occasion, on Housewives, I'd go out and they'd wait until the cameras to role to give it to you.

"There is none of that on Celebrity Apprentice."

The Celebrity Apprentice Australia airs Wednesday nights at 8.40pm on Channel 9!

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