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Chyka Keebaugh Wishes Gina Liano And Gamble Breaux Would Have Acted More Supportive Towards Pettifleur Berenger!

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh talks about Derby Day, Pettifleur's book launch and Gamble's Hen's night. Chyka writes:

"Gamble and Rick are off to look for engagement rings and I am genuinely excited for the two of them. I think they are a cute couple and love how Gamble tries to make fun of the situation and the jeweller just doesn’t understand!

Bruce and I have been working at the Melbourne Spring racing carnival for the last 25 years. It’s a massive week and I’m really excited to have the girls come and see a little of what we do out at the track. We are all meeting up on Derby Day so a little dress shopping is in order. Chessie and I hit the shops for our race outfits. Melissa Jackson is my first port of call and I think she is the best milliner in town. Every year I take my dresses to her so she can create some magic head piece and she always delivers with something gorgeous. I love how Chessie says things aren’t for her but for me! The next shop is Le Louvre and I have to say it’s the most amazing place to shop. Georgina is incredible and no one can make you buy like she can – she is a great sales woman! Bruce always gets very scared when he knows I am heading there and yes Bruce does check his statements and no I don’t put them on his card- I use my own. Glad we sorted that out!

Lexus was so very generous in sending cars for all the girls to get there in style and I loved seeing them all on their way to the track. They all look gorgeous in their black and white and Gina is right – if you so wear anything else you definitely stand out for the wrong reasons. Derby Day is not a great day weather wise so thank goodness we had the gorgeous Lexus marquee to be inside of. We are so proud of this marquee and worked very hard on it and I think all the girls really loved being there too. I also loved having Chessie with me too that day.

Gamble invites us all to our own doggy races, Pettifleur invites us to her book launch and we talk about what very busy girls we all are – such tough social lives we lead! Here cheers to that! Janet was on fire with her bets and she rattles off those numbers like a true professional. Upstairs we go to the roof top that Jamie Durie has designed with us and we cheer on our horses – So happy that nearly all the girls had a win or a place!

Pettifleurs book launch has finally arrived and I’m really proud and excited for her. I’m still not sure why Gamble and Gina can’t let her have this moment and are still questioning her as to where it all came from. They have already bought this up with her, she has answered their doubts and I think now it’s up to her to work out what she is doing. Who cares who the publisher is? She has still had to write the book and when you publish on your own it’s actually harder as you have to pay for it all upfront and distribute on your own. Pettifleur has been on a massive journey and her stories are all heartfelt and from her own experiences. No one has a right to tell her she is wrong and I agree with Jackie that she should be supported not put down. I wonder why Gina and Gamble becomes so aggressive about the whole thing? Maybe this book Isn’t for them.

Gambles Hen’s night is finally here and we get to let the other girls in on our little secret. Gamble and Tempest talk about the night ahead and Tempest is having her makeup done after her surgery. We meet Jacqueline, Gambles makeup artist and you will learn why soon……! The house looks brilliant with all the amazing glow furniture. We see all the girls arrive as different Bond girls and I think everyone has made a huge effort – incase you can’t work out who I am it’s MayDay, played by the amazing Grace Jones. Tempest delights in showing off her new look and she gets a great reaction from all the ladies – she really does look 10 years younger. We have a chance to look at the diamonds that Gamble is looking at for her engagement ring. Can’t believe she bought it out in front of us when we never agree on anything, let alone diamonds! The dancing begins and Luke confesses to Gambles his original thoughts on her  – thank god the topless waiters arrive and the fun really begins. Gina really was an amazing sport and put on a great show, however I was really surprised by Gambles reaction. Why do you think she reacted this way? It was all in fun and they really were harmless. Janet certainly enjoyed herself and loved his butt.

I respected the conversation between Tempest and Janet and totally agreed with Janet that as a sister that’s what you do! You go girls! It was great to finally see some level headed, mature conversation happening but of course I spoke to soon because of course Gina bregan the rumour conversation again. Aren’t they meant to be friends and doesn’t Gina not believe in rumours? I don’t get it and then there is the makeup artist connection. Really! Isn’t this Gambles night? Can we just support and celebrate her and have fun? We meet ‘ Whicket ‘ Gambles new dog and I give a party box to Gamble from all of us. The fact that none of knew what some of the items did was very funny. Let’s just say that even though Gamble pretended not to like it – she really did!"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena and Thursday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo!

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