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Recap: Mob Wives: New Blood - Episode 3: You Smell Delicious

This week on Mob Wives: New Blood, Alicia confronts Renee once again, drama breaks between Natalie and Renee during a girls night out, read our full recap of this week's episode below!

Big Ang visits Drita amd learns that Drita and Lee are in the middle of renovating their house. Drita talks how happy she is with Lee now, she says he is a changed man and that he works everyday which makes Drita happy. Drita also says that Lee can’t let go 100% from his former lifestyle aka living big which is the reason their house is being renovated, which Drita is not complaining though. Drita struggles with the fact that her daughter Aleeya is being bullied at school with so much going on Drita tells Big Ang that they need to do a girls night out soon.

Alicia has her family over, during her interview she tells us that her kids have not learned about their fathers lies so she has to put on a happy face to for sake of her children, I’m falling more and more with Alicia, love her! We meet Alicia’s 3 sons, the oldest Anthony is 18 years old. Alicia treasures her last weeks with Anthon since he is moving out to go to college. Alicia pulls her brother and tells him what went down, then Alicia decides to email her husband to let him know how hurt she is by finding out his lies via the wire taps.

Renee meets up with her friend Nikole and breaks down the confrontation she had with Alicia regarding Alicia’s husband, her friend Carla Moreno and herself. Apprently Staten Island is a small area because we find out that even Renee’s friend Nikole at one point was dating Alicia’s husband back in the day, thank god I don’t live there. Renee makes it clear that that issue is between Alicia and her husband, not hers. She also goes on by saying that she is not a rat and her loyalty is with Edward not Alicia.

Renee stops by Drita's make-up store to get dolled up since she is going out on a date. Renee says that guy doesn't know her families criminal past which makes her even more nervous since she hasn't gone on a date for a very long time. Renee meets up Michael, her date. They hit it off, we learn that Renee made the first move and gave her number to Michael, he finds it very gangster and likes it, Renee then takes this opportunity to let Michael know about her families past. Michael lets her know that he doesn't care, he is there for her not for her past which makes Renee very happy.

Next Renee, Drita and Ang show up to Alicia's house for a nice dinner and some girl time. Alicia still has the whole Renee and wire taps situation in her mind and can’t seem to let it go. Alicia lets Ang and Drita know what went down with her husband, Renee’s friend Carla Moreno wire taps drama which involved Renee as well. Renee makes it clear that she didn't know that Alicia wasn't cool with Eddie and Carla hanging out. Drita and Ang find it ridiculous that Renee think it was ok for a married man to hang out with his ex which sets off Alicia. Alicia makes it clear that her issue is not with Renee, she just wants to know why her husband lied to her for hanging out with his ex girlfriend. Alicia is hurt and feels betrayed by the whole situation.

Ang goes to lunch with her son AJ, we find out that AJ and his girlfriend Gaby are expecting a baby. Back in Philly, Alicia gets a letter from her husband Eddie. We learn that Eddie feels awful for lying to her, he owns that fact that he never valued her love and that his past is the result of his current life and apologies to her for hurting and lying to her. Alicia feels bad for her husband but doesn’t know if she will ever forgive him or trust him again. Drita takes her daughter Aleeya to a self defense class since she is being bullied in school. Drita feels this is the best option for her, at one point Drita joins in and learns some moves with her daughter. Mother and daughter bonding time, so cute!

It's ladies night and all the ladies go out for dancing and drinks. Drinks start pouring and Natalie seems to be having the most fun, she gets a little wild and see’s the girls dancing and yells out whore, sexy whores, it was obviously as a joke but Drita doesn't take it lightly. Natalie says in her interview that it was a fun compliment she gives her friends when they dance and look sexy, not that they are actually whores. Renee decides to invite her date Michael because it's a girl’s night out right? Does that even make sense? But whatever works for Renee, Renee introduces Michael to the ladies and Natalie says he smells delicious to Michael, it was a compliment to what cologne he was wearing however Renee flips out.

Renee didn’t like it at all and decides it's best for her to leave before she goes off at Natalie. Renee and her date leave the walk and Natalie decides to follow them to clear out the misunderstanding and all hell breaks loose. Alicia finds Renee hypocritical because in her opinion its ok for Renee’s friend to hang out with a married man but it's not ok for Natalie to say Renee's date smells delicious. Alicia does make a good point there, Natalie tells Renee she wants to talk it over but Renee is too heated and angry to even talk, poor Michael what has he gotten into. Renee leaves with Michael which I think it's the best thing to do. Natalie sees a new side to Renee and she doesn’t like it at all.

The next day Natalie meets with her friend Amy for lunch. Natalie breaks down what went down on the girl’s night out with her and Renee. Meanwhile during the same time Renee, Drita and Alicia also talk about the same thing. Renee finds what Natalie said disrespectful and Drita agrees with Renee, Alicia once again finds Renee's thoughts hypocritical (no comment since I already voiced my opinion on the subject). Drita what Natalie did was wrong and also for being called sexy whore Renee, Alicia is trying to defend Natalie to defuse the situation. Natalie feels also disrespected and humiliated by the scene that Renee caused, both ladies are not on the same page, next week the ladies go to Sin City aka Las Vegas and more drama will follow them, until next week.

Mob Wives: New Blood airs Thursday nights at 10/9c only on VH1.

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