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From Dublin Housewives to Dublin Wives - The Reason Behind The Title Change!

Dublin Wives came back last month with their second season however, the series came back with a new title with changing their original first season name "Dublin Housewives" to now "Dublin Wives". Many fans questioned why TV3 Network decided to change the title and it seems like now we have the answer. According to the Irish Independent, the change came after contact from NBC which owns The Real Housewives franchise. 

The Dublin Spire has also been removed from the Irish show's logo as it resembles the use of the Empire State Building in the New York version of the franchise. "We did get contacted by NBC querying the name of our series and asking for a copy of our programme," a TV3 spokeswoman told the Indo, stressing that the contact with the US network was amicable. After viewing an episode of the show, NBC requested changes.

The franchise has been a huge hit for NBC since it premiered in 2006 as The Real Housewives of Orange County and has spawned six different versions across the US. The Hollywood Reporter says that the series is worth upwards of a half-billion dollars.

An average of 262,000 viewers tuned into each episode of Dublin Housewives during its last run in 2012. Season 2 of Dublin Wives ended last month in January and as of now, there has not been any official announcement by TV3 for a new season, but it seems more likely that it will happen. The only update is that Dr. Danielle Meagher (Dr. Botox) is currently working on a spin off show.

Video: Check out the cast of Dublin Wives on Midweek TV3 go at it.

Source: RTE
Photo Credit: TV3
Video Credit: YouTube