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RHONJ Recap: Season 4 Reunion - Part 2

Ready everyone? This is round two of the New Jersey reunion!! It is madness! After screaming her head off, Rosie is brought onto stage. Everyone loves Rosie! Rosie is a very funny and protective person that really cares about others. It is important to note that Kathy did not have problem with Rosie being gay.

At the time, Rosie was hanging out with a bad person and Kathy had a problem with that. Not because she was gay but because she was going down the wrong path! I do believe Kathy is a very great person and I do not see how she would not accept her sister. Teresa just misunderstood the situation. Kathy did apologize for insulting Teresa’s parents and she returned back to her original seat on the couch.

The envitable was finally addressed! Teresa and Caroline! Andy asked Caroline why didn’t she accept Teresa’s apology and she said that while in Napa, Teresa called her the C word. Wasn’t it Caroline who called her a disgrace? Caroline threw mud at Teresa first but Caroline does not see that. Caroline called out Teresa and asked her to name an instance where Caro has bullied Teresa. Teresa said it happened all season and she said she wasn’t going to let it get to her. Teresa was not able to name an instance but I can name one. When you maliciously tried to turn Kathy against her by poisoning her about Teresa when she “willingly” left out Kathy out of the toast! There you go! Gave you one! Caroline also said that she was hurt that Teresa brought Dina on the show to talk about her. Um hello?? Were you not talking about Teresa all season long with Melissa and Kathy?? Yes you were honeybuns.

We received a mini concert because Melissa and Teresa both sang! We learned that Melissa can sing, well a little bit. She always says “’I’m nervous” after every time she sings so she can save herself from humiliation. Blame the nervousness right Melissa? Melissa is also selling her home because she does not want her kids to go to school with Teresa’s kids. Melissa thinks Teresa’s daughters will gang up on her daughter. False assumptions, I have NEVER seen an ounce of hostility towards her. Melissa said she was not talking to Danielle at the time of the season 2 reunion! Lie!

Next, Joe is brought on with the ladies and the heated questions start right off the bat. Andy asked Joe who he was talking to on the phone in Napa and he responded with his old coworker, Albie. He stated that he called him and started to talk to about job related function and the language changed because he was then talking to a non English worker in that was put on the phone. It was completely disgusting to see Jacqueline hurl accusations that he has cheated on Teresa before. Jac said that Teresa walked in on Joe and the babysitter on his desk at work! Not cool at all Jac! Joe also apologized for calling his wife a  C U Next Tuesday, and declared that it was only said that one time. Again, Jac told everyone that Teresa and Joe had an abusive relationship. For starters, why does she get involved? Why is it her place to comment about other’s relationship? Who cares if Joe cheated and Teresa is covering up? IT IS THEIR BUSINESS! NOT YOURS! Part three is next Sunday! Make sure you don’t miss it! Have your Advil or Xanax ready lol

Written by: Mr. Housewife
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Picture Credit: Buddy TV