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RHONY Recap: The RHONY Showdown

We begin the our NY episode by going to the store with George and Aviva! While Aviva is trying to purchase vitamins, George buys goat wheat! As Viagra! I have never heard of such a thing! Leave it up George to know all home remedies that raise libido! He tells Aviva that he wants to make a move on Carole and Aviva stops him in his tracks! She and Carole have become close friends and she wants nothing to jeopardize that!

In other news, Sonja’s settlement did not go as planned. She fears that she might have to sell her beautiful home. It is very heartbreaking to see to Sonja so defeated. I am used to seeing her very happy and cheerful, not crushed. Sonja has many assets so she will be okay. I know Sonja still has feelings for her ex-husband which is why things are so difficult. The portrait she needed to remove was symbolic of what he was in her life. He was still a very big part of her life and to remove the portrait from her home is a very big step to closure. I was very proud of Sonja.

We are then taken to Heather who is planning a fashion show to raise enough money to provide someone with a liver transplant. The cost is $400,000! That is insane and unfortunate for those that cannot afford it….Aviva and Luann arrive to help and Aviva is welcomed with the big news that she will walk in the runway! I sensed a bit of jealousy from Luann when Heather told Aviva the big news. I expected nothing less.

World War III was about to erupt when Ramona met Aviva for breakfast. Ramona greets Aviva with shades on. Maybe protection against a blood bath? The ladies began by talking about St. Barths and they battle began when Ramona said “you lost it” and Aviva fired back with “I was disgusted by you.” Comments such as venom, viperous comments, age, naked, spooning, buzzkill, ill mannered, disgusting were shot back and forth! This is the battle of the ages! In all honesty, I felt bad for Ramona because she got ripped a new one! The Mario cheating allegations were brought up as well! Aviva has wit and is able to think on her feet. In other words, she can react and fire back really fast. I believe this friendship can still be saved! I say this because Ramona and Alex had major fights and ended up being great friends. I love Aviva and Ramona and I hope they can settle their differences. Ramona decides the conversation is going nowhere and decides it is time to leave. The ladies exchange more heated insults as Ramona is leaving.

Ramona hosts a domestic abuse awareness charity event in NY. The event begins with Carole and Ramona discussing her prior meeting with Aviva. Ramona recalls Aviva as being vicious and vile to her and believes she will not show up to the charity event. Fortunately for her, George goes in place of Aviva to donate money. George greets the ladies until he makes his way to Ramona. Ramona welcomes George happily but cautiously. George brings up Aviva and Ramona refuses to touch the subject with George because she does not want to get George involved. George persists and tells Ramona that she owes Aviva and apology. George continues to convince Ramona to see the error of her ways but Ramona is not having it. She became really upset and started raising her voice. George grabbed her arm pretty tightly. To me, there was nothing wrong with it. In the heat of the moment, I believe Ramona acted out of anger. Things did get out of hand but this wouldn’t be Housewives if things were calm all the time right? Lol George was then asked to leave. Carole and Heather were nice enough to walk George out of the event safely and gracefully.  The episode finished and we are given previews to the season finale!! Can you believe it! It is almost over!!! Cannot wait! I believe the reunion is 3 parts! What do you guys think of the Ramona and Aviva situation? George and Ramona? Leave your comments below! See you guys next time!!


Written by: Mr. Housewife

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Photo Credit: Bravo