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You can now view all the official music videos from your favorite Real Housewives stars all in one page. Watch the music videos below!

Adriana de Moura - Feel The Rush

Ann Kaplan Mulholland - Feel Like It's My Moment

Ashley Darby - Coffee & Love

Countess Luann - Chic C'est La Vie

Countess Luann - Chic C'est La Vie (Live on WWHL)

Countess Luann - Feelin' Jiovani

Countess Luann - Feelin' Jovani (Live on WWHL)

Countess Luann - Girl Code (Live on WWHL)

Countess Luann - Money Can't Buy You Class

Countess Luann #WWHL Singing Montage
(Chic C'est La Vie, Money Can't Buy You Class, Girl Code)

Danielle Staub featuring Lori Michaels - Real Close (Live on WWHL)

Demetria McKinney featuring Da Brat - 100 

Demetria McKinney - The Christmas Song

Demetria McKinney - Easy

Demetria Mckinney - Greatest Love Of All (Whitney Houston Tribute)

Demetria McKinney - Happy

Demetria McKinney - Hello (Adele Cover)

Demetria Mckinney - I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston Tribute)

Demetria McKinney - Is This Love

Demetria McKinney - Trade It All

Demetria McKinney featuring Kandi - Unnecessary Trouble

Erika Jayne featuring Maino - Crazy

Erika Jayne featuring Flo Rida - Get It Tonight

Erika Jayne - How Many F••ks?

Erika Jayne - How Many F••ks? (Live on WWHL from Los Angeles)

Erika Jayne - PAINKILLR

Erika Jayne- Pretty Mess

Erika Jayne - Pretty Mess (Live at The Bravos)

Erika Jayne - XXPEN$IVE

Gamble Breaux - Fire and Fury

Gamble Breaux - I Can't Tell You Why (Cover)

Gamble Breaux featuring Jason Singh - This Time

Jackie Gillies - Shine It Up [Audio Only]

Jo De La Rosa - You Can't Control Me

Jordan Grant featuring Kara Alloway - Real A$$ Housewife

Kandi - Haven't Loved Right

Kandi - How Could You... Feel My Pain

Kandi - Leave U

Kandi - Let Them Love (Official Lyric Video)

Kandi - You & Me (The Kandi Factory)

Kenya Moore - Gone With The Wind Fabulous

Kenya Moore - Gone With The Wind Fabulous (Live on WWHL)

Kim Zolciak - Google Me (Live on WWHL)

Kim Zolciak - Tardy For The Party (Live on WWHL)

Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. - An ARTPOP Film
(featuring Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)

Mary Zilba - Are You Sorry Now  (Official Lyric Video)

Mary Zilba - Are You Sorry Now  (Live on The Rush)

Mary Zilba with Roy & Rosemary - Coventry Carol (Live on The Rush)

Mary Zilba – Hero

Mary Zilba - Hero (Live on The Rush)

Mary Zilba - Put Your Arms Around Me

Melissa Gorga featuring Santino Noir - I Just Wanna

Melissa Gorga - On Display (Official Lyric Video)

Melissa Tkautz - The Key (Live on The Morning Show)

Michaele Salahi - Bump It [Audio Only]

Mr Skulley featuring Dana Wilkey - 25,000 [Audio Only]

Nermina Pieters-Mekic - Beside You

Nermina Pieters-Mekic - Forever

Porsha Williams - Flatline

Vickie Maree Loach featuring Anne Batley Burton - Champagne Christmas

Yolanda Hadid - I Love You

Editor's Note: Erika Jayne (RHOBH), Kandi (RHOA), Mary Zilba (RHOV) and Melissa Tkautz (RHOS) are the only ladies who were recording artists prior of becoming a Real Housewife. Since they have a number of music videos under their belts, I will only add music videos that were released during their time as a Real Housewife and after!

Note: We'll be updating this section as new music videos are released. If you want to purchase these tracks or view the complete music list from your favorite Real Housewives click here!

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  1. Jo De La Rosa - You Can't Control Me

  2. Mary Zilba!! ♥

  3. I'm gonna have "Hero" stuck in my head for the rest of the day!