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  1. When Lisa Rinna accused Dorit of doing cocaine, there was hardly any backlash...I don't think Vicki should be fired. Kelly can go if she wants.

  2. vicki needs to go!! She is old news and so is Tamara. It's fun getting to see new women and getting new viewpoints of life.

  3. I think the OC housewives are the most down to earth of all of the franchise's and I have watched them all from when the OC ladies first started. The main subject throughout the other franchise's seems to be about etiquette and classy/not classy and when you've heard that topic over and over it gets boring. It seems to be some of the ladies on the less watched housewives series only storylines to talk about repeatedly and if that's all they have they're not relevant. Season after season always the same cast members constantly slating others on their show for, in their opinion not having the correct etiquette.....boring same old same old. If all of us fans wanted an etiquette lesson we would take a pun intended.

  4. I think Kelly Dodd should be held accountable for her actions, joking or not you do not put your hands on anyone, in this case hitting someone over the head with a mallet. I frankly am getting tired of watching Kelly degrade other women, curse them out etc . Shannon was trying to do something nice for the ladies going to that retreat and Kelly did nothing but make fun of everything. What ever happened to woman’s empowerment? Kelly verbal attacks anyone that says something she doesn’t like. Kelly should be fired bottom line.

  5. Impressed & motivated on how women present their confidence to encourage the nation..

  6. Eff it just do the darn reunion!!! Yes we need it

  7. I hope at the reunion they show the bit where brawnwyn and the other ladies tell Kelly that Tamra was the instigator of the story on the train and the fight/breakup with her boyfriend. Shannon got accused by Tamra of being the instigator even though Shannon turned round and said she valued her friendship with tamra and would not say bad things about her - then Kelly made sure that Shannon had to know about the bad things tamra had said about her!! Kelly is nasty, she and Brawnwyn should go.