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Barbara Kavovit Tests Positive For COVID-19 Despite Being Vaccinated!

Barbara Kavovit, who appeared as a “friend” on The Real Housewives of New York City in Season 10, took to Twitter to reveal that she is at home recovering after testing positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated.

The construction guru shared a video clip urging people to wear their masks and to take the necessary precautions saying that you still can get coronavirus even if you’re vaccinated.

In the post, she captioned the tweet, “Well, I have #Covid, down for the count, and I’m fully #vaccinated. This delta variant is REAL. Continue to wear masks in crowded places, protect yourself and the people around you. I will keep ya'll updated on my symptoms and quarantine plans.”

According to Reality Tea, the former RHONY friend added that she completed her two doses of the Pfizer vaccine back in April, and still caught the virus. 

“I did not travel at all. But I just want you guys to know that this Delta variant is real. Do not let your guard down. This shit is real as it gets,” she said in the video. 

The mother-of-one added that her symptoms include fever, chills, and fatigue. “If you feel sick, go get tested,” she said. “Again, please be safe. Take care of yourself. Masks, social distancing and maybe we should go back to following COVID protocol.”

She continued in a separate tweet, “How do we get people vaccinated, & continue the testing to avoid this unnecessary spread. I'm so thankful that I AM vaccinated, it will definitely help with the severity of the symptoms and spreading the virus; due to the viral load in my body.”

She added, “But if more people got vaccinated, individuals would not be contracting the virus. Health should NOT be political - masks work.” We wishing Barbara K a speedy recovery. 


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal