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Margaret Josephs Says Joe Gorga Is “Insecure” About His Wife Melissa Gorga’s Success And Reveals Why She Won’t Apologize To Jennifer Aydin Even After Seeing What Husband Joe Benigno Really Said At Guys’ Night; Says “She Did It Purposely To Think That She Was Validating Teresa’s Behavior”

Margaret Josephs is sharing her thoughts on Melissa and Joe Gorga’s marital issues. Josephs believes that Joe is “insecure” about his wife Melissa Gorga’s success.

Melissa and Joe’s rocky relationship is playing out on the current season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Fans of the series first saw clips of the pair's issues when Bravo released the mid-season 11 trailer last month. In the teaser, Josephs called the father-of-three out for how he treats his wife, which she said she doesn’t regret.

Now, The Macbeth Collection founder reveals what prompted her to call out Teresa's brother out. “I called him chauvinistic because he wants to put women in very traditional roles,” Margaret told Us Weekly. “And I think it was hard for him to see his wife grow. I wasn’t trying to be mean to Joe Gorga. I was just trying to point out something to him.”

Marge noted that she thinks Joe is “working on it” and that “he’s changed” since they talked.

“I think we’re very close and I love him very much. But, listen, I’m close enough to him to say, ‘You’re acting chauvinistic. Don’t say this stupid s—t.’ I’m close enough that I could say it and we can move on from it,” she explained.

Margaret confessed that Joe has adjusted his ways a bit, but believes he started to panic when Melissa was becoming a bigger success than him.

“I think he was insecure of her success. Like, ‘Hey, don’t forget about me,’” she told Us Weekly. “But I think, like, when men get to a certain age and Melissa is a shining star, whatever, no one wants to be left behind. You all start on an even playing field and things happen.”

She added: “But you know, it’s brought them a lot of great things. And I think sometimes, you know, men could get anxious. They’re feeling older, whatever it is, but they’re great. They’re good.”

Meanwhile, Josephs is also opening up about her recent fight with co-star Jennifer Aydin. If you recall, during the couples’ trip to the Jersey Shore, Teresa Giudice mentioned what Jennifer Aydin had told her about some comments Josephs’ husband, Joe Benigno, had made at Guy’s night regarding the alleged cheating rumors surrounding Jackie Goldschenieder’s husband Evan. Aydin and Josephs went at it and their argument continued the next day. 

But now that Margaret has been able to watch this season of RHONJ, including what her husband said at Guys’ Night, does she feel like she owes Jennifer an apology? “No. No, I don't,” Margaret said during her appearance on the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show on April 7, according to Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “Because she did it purposely to think that she was validating Teresa's behavior.”

Margaret continued to explain why she still believed Jennifer was in the wrong that night. “Jackie [Goldschneider] had already been through the wringer, why weren't we just letting this die? It was Guys' Night. What was the benefit of her telling Teresa? And she told it wrong,” she said. “So, it was just to validate Teresa’s behavior to be a kiss-ass. I don’t owe her an apology. She actually owes us an apology.”


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