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New Details Emerge About Tinsley Mortimer’s Breakup With Scott Kluth!

New sources are sharing new details about Tinsley Mortimer and Scott Kluth's split. Insiders say that the Coupon Cabin founder claimed to dislike the media attention that came with her job on The Real Housewives of New York City — and he gave her an ultimatum near the end of 2019 saying that if she quit the show, he would marry her, reports Page Six.

Mortimer agreed and moved to his hometown of Chicago — only, for Kluth to casually dump her last week without offering a reason.

“He tortured her. For years he would break up with her and get back together with her and break up with her again,” claimed one of Mortimer’s friends told Page Six. “But when he proposed, she believed he meant it. She left her career, she left her livelihood, she left her home, and suddenly he’s back to his old tricks again and he called off the engagement.”

Added the friend, “He has a fear of commitment. He never had it in him to follow through with his promise to marry her. And he used her celebrity to promote his coupon company.”

The site noted that Kluth dumped Mortimer after a fight last Friday. Meanwhile, the insider said he sent a statement to People magazine, giving former Bravo reality star barely any notice that the celebrity weekly was set to announce their split.

“So the guy who hates the press runs to People magazine,” Mortimer's friend said.

But the insider told Page Six, “She didn’t want this.” They also said that the idea that they’d been living apart was misleading, because they’d both been traveling for much of that time. They said Mortimer was “blindsided” by the sudden split.

Apparently, Mortimer’s “head is still spinning” and she doesn’t yet know if she’ll move back to New York City.

Meanwhile, new sources share additional details about Mortimer and Kluth's split. Sources close to Mortimer told Page Six that she was heartbroken when Kluth suddenly ended their two-year engagement during a fight last Friday.

But sources in his camp said that Kluth has been “communicating” to the socialite-turned-reality-star that it’s over for months — but that Mortimer just wouldn’t accept it.

“Her perception of when they broke up is clearly different from Scott’s,” said an insider, “but Scott communicated to her that they were broken up months ago.”

However, a spokesperson for Kluth said in a statement to Page Six, “It is disappointing that during this emotional time for both of them, Tinsley is mischaracterizing the circumstances of their breakup, which happened months ago. As Scott has already said, he wishes nothing but the best for Tinsley and is seeking to recover emotionally and move on.”


Photo Credit: Courtesy via Tinsley Mortimer/Instagram