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Melissa Gorga Reveals She And Husband Joe Gorga Are ‘Struggling’ In Their Marriage! Plus Melissa Admits Joe Is Having A Hard Time With His 15-Year-Old Daughter Antonia Dating!

Melissa Gorga admits that Bravo viewers will witness a different side of her marriage to husband Joe Gorga in the upcoming eleventh season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“This season, it’s very raw. It’s very real. It’s very different this season for Joe and I,” she told Us Weekly. “We’ve done very good for 11 years. We’re a great couple. We try really hard. We fight really hard for our family and it’s not easy to be on reality TV for 11 years and still stand strong.”

Melissa told the publication that she and Joe have changed a lot since they first tied the knot — and her husband isn’t a big fan of change.

“He likes things to stay the same. I’ve been with him since I was 24 years old. So I’ve changed and I feel like this is a scary part of marriage. Either you’re going to grow together or you’re going to grow apart. And I think we’re fighting really hard to grow together,” she explained.

She continued: “It’s not easy. We’re struggling. I’m not sitting here telling you that, like, I’m moving out of my house today but we were struggling and we show it. … We’re fighting out of it.”

She added that their kids, their history, and their love for each other are huge drivers for them when it comes to staying together, noting, “It just takes a little give and take.”

Another issue that the couple is facing is Joe having a hard time with his 15-year-old daughter, Antonia, dating.

“He just doesn’t get it,” Melissa told Us Weekly. “He just looks at us all cross-eyed, like, every time we talk about anything with Antonia and a boy. The fact that she’s a sophomore. Hello? This is when it happens and the sex talk happens. It’s just a real-life thing. He gasped for air, he can’t even say the word. It’s so ridiculous.”

She added, “I’m like, ‘Joe, I don’t know what generation or world you think we’re living in, but you better, like, bring it together here because this is not how the world is right now.’”

Melissa, who also shares Gino (13), and Joey (10), with Teresa Giudice‘s brother, noted that parenting hasn’t gotten easier as their kids have grown. “I’m, like, worried all the time [when] she wants to go to a party,” Melissa explained. “She needs rides. ‘Are you in the car? Do you have your seatbelts on?’ It’s a whole different world.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images