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Drew Sidora Shares Her First Impressions Of RHOA Co-Stars And Teases What Viewers Can Expect From Her In Season 13!

Drew Sidora is spilling the tea about season 13 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The actress turned reality star shared her first impression of her Georgia peach co-stars. 

Drew calls Cynthia Bailey a "goddess," adding, "Absolutely stunning, beautiful and I just remember thinking like, 'Man, she is so sweet and genuine and down to earth.' And I think we just clicked naturally from the first time meeting," she told E! News

She added, "Someone who I was kind of nervous about meeting was Marlo [Hampton]. She actually is one of my really good friends. She really is a genuine, humble person and we connected instantly upon meeting, so I was excited about that."

Drew also reveals she grew close with neighbor Porsha Williams. "Porsha living in my neighborhood, obviously our daughters play. I thought that was just right on time because we're new to Atlanta. So my daughter has a little play date. Just getting to know the women on a real level for me has been really great."

As for the drama in Season 13, Sidora said, "Would it be The Real Housewives without drama?!" she laughed. "I mean yeah, you can't get along with everybody. I will definitely say tune in and watch because unexpectedly the drama unfolded but [unbeknownst] to me. I am really someone who loves to have fun, I love to let my hair down, especially having three kids and going through all I went through, I was traying to make friends. I'm new to Atlanta. And that definitely didn't go all as planned and you'll see some of that play out on this season."

This season, fans will see Drew and her husband Ralph's marriage struggles. "Unfortunately right before we started filming, my husband and I had just gone through one of those moments in marriage, a disagreement, and on top of that being quarantined. I had gone and ruptured my Achilles while performing, so I had three surgeries. I contracted an infection. So he was my nurse. He was administering my IV and antibiotics, he was having to wait on me hand and foot literally," Drew explained. "Before cameras came into our home, we had had pretty much a blow-up. I think we were both at our breaking point and he left. He left for three days, I didn't know where he was."

Drew says having the RHOA cameras around "made us really have these conversations and deal with things head-on as opposed to putting things on the back burner." "And so for the first time you'll see us go through marriage counseling and I think all in all it's hopefully had a positive effect on our marriage," she added. "We're still working through a lot of our problems, our issues."

Drew also shared her thoughts on the drama surrounding #StripperGate. "I was kind of shocked when things started coming out because we all indulged. I'm like no one did anything that the other girl didn't do, so it's kind of surprising to see people throwing shade or trying to throw people under the bus, but we will see," Drew told E! News.

She added, "I didn't hear noises," Drew admitted, saying she went to bed after she and all the ladies got lap dances and dirty dancing lessons from the stripper. "So I went to sleep. Needless to say I didn't hear anything so I was shocked when I heard about these so-called noises coming out somebody's room because I was totally knocked out. Didn't hear a thing, so I thought it was made up. They said cameras were rolling, I thought they weren't rolling, so I guess we'll see. I'll be watching just like you to see what was actually caught on audio or on camera."

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal