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Lethabo Mathatho Opens Up About Her ‘RHOJ’ Friendships And Reveals What’s Her “Favorite Thing” About Having Her Own TV Show!

Lethabo Mathatho opens up about her Real Housewives of Johannesburg friendships and reveals what’s her “favorite thing” about having her own TV show during a recent Q&A Instagram session.

A user asked if she still ‘loves’ her RHOJ co-star Mpumi, to which Lethabo replied, “She is mine this one 😍😍😍.”

When a user asked Mathatho if she was friends with any of her RHOJ co-stars, she responded by sharing photos of Mpumi Mophatlane and Christall Kay.

She captioned the snap, Who??? 🤔 Ke Bo Mang 🤣."

When asked if there's going to be a season of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, Lethabo, who is also known as LeJoy, responded, "Season 2 it's done!! 😉😉."

When she was asked what was her favorite thing about having her own show, Lejoy responded, "Having to be intouch with stories that cut deep.. they touched my life in ways I never imagined and healed the unspoken pain in me."

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Photo Credit: 1Magic