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Heather Thomson Opens Up About Her ‘RHONY’ Return And Confirms She’s Returning As A ‘Friend’ For Season 13!

Heather Thomson is spilling the tea about her return to The Real Housewives of New York City for the show's upcoming thirteenth season. 

“I really like dropping in on the show,” Heather told HollywoodLife. “Since I left, I’ve been back. I left [after Season 7], but I never really left. I always like to touch base with the ladies and [now there’s] all this intrigue about [my] big return.”

Although Heather is returning to the Bravo hit reality series, she made it clear that she isn’t going to be featured on the show in a full-time capacity. 

“No, I really can’t [return full time],” Heather said. “I wish I could on one level, but on another level, I’ve got a lot going on which is great. I’ve got two teenagers. I’ve got two new businesses that I’ve started and listen, Housewives is a lot of work. I know it looks like and it is — We get followed around and we show off our lives, but really Housewives is — Especially New York and with some of the OG’s it’s slapstick. It’s comedy. I know it gets dark and it gets toxic. I don’t love that part of it. I love to talk about real issues and real important things and as long as I can lend to that on the show then I’ll always come back.”

While Heather may have already filmed a few times for Season 13, she says there might be more to come. “You might,” she told HollywoodLife when she was asked if she’ll be filming again. ” If it works and it makes sense, then yes. I think this season we’re trying to figure out if there’s an opportunity for more. We’ll see.”

Andy Cohen addressed Heather’s role during a recent interview on the Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino Podcast. “You will be seeing Heather next season,” Andy revealed. “At this point, Heather has now known these women for eight, nine [years]. She speaks their language. She’s not afraid to stand up to them. She knows them so there is a great benefit in bringing legacy cast members back.”

Heather appeared on RHONY for seasons 5 to 7 as a full-time cast member. She left the show in 2015 after three seasons and has appeared as a “guest” in Seasons 8-10 and 12.

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal