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Kyle Richards Says She’s In A “Good Place” With Denise Richards Following RHOBH Reunion Drama And Explains Why Season 10 Was One Of Her “Least Favorite Seasons”

Kyle Richards is sharing an update on her relationship with Denise Richards after the two feuded last season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The OG cast member claims that the two have since buried the hatchet behind-the-scenes. 

“I never like leaving things hanging and having, you know, loose ends like that. And I’ve texted with her since then and we’re good,” Kyle told Us Weekly about her post-reunion relationship with Denise. “We’re in a good place, but I would have loved to come back and work through all that, but you know, it didn’t end up that way but we can work it out off camera.”

Kyle also revealed that her biggest regret of the season was calling Denise a “ragamuffin.”

“I said it in a not nice tone, that’s what I regret,” she explained. “But the word, honestly, my mom used to always, you know, call me a little ragamuffin. … It wasn’t like a horrible word, you know what I mean? It was just that night that I was, like, having a meltdown and I just didn’t like the tone. It didn’t feel like myself.”

The mother-of-four then explained as to why Season 10 of RHOBH was her least favorite season.

“I mean, we had our highest ratings. Our ratings were off the charts, but it was really one of my least favorite seasons, to be honest, just for me personally,” she admitted. “When there’s crazy stuff going on, [the audience loves it], but it creates a lot of anxiety for me. And I was really exhausted because I was filming Halloween movie at the same time and filming the Housewives and launching my clothing line, Kyle and Shahida.”

The Bravo reality star added that she didn’t think she “handled” everything well as she tried to balance it all.

“I felt exhausted. I looked exhausted, and I hated everything that was going on with the drama with women,” she told Us Weekly. “It was just too much. So, I’m happy to, like, start fresh.”

Photo Credit: Shutterstock