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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Says She ‘Can’t Imagine’ ‘RHOBH’ Without Kyle Richards And Explains Why She’s ‘Not Surprised’ Denise Richards Left The Show!

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is sharing her thoughts about Denise Richards leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the rumors surrounding Kris Jenner joining the Bravo hit reality series and much more during a recent Instagram Q&A session.

When Teddi was asked if she was ‘happy’ that Denise left the show, she responded, “Not surprised. I don’t know when and why the decision was made but anytime one person wants to be the “star” of a show and control how they are portrayed when it’s about showing the truth as an ensemble it doesn’t end well,” wrote Teddi. “I wish her the best and hope she is thriving and happy. I also hope she stops referring to herself in the third person but I guess I have to let that part go. #BravoBravoF—ingBravo”

When asked if she would ever be friends with Denise, Teddi responded, “I never say never about anything but neither of us are banging down each other’s door to be in one another’s life.”

Teddi then revealed that she can’t picture RHOBH without Kyle when she was asked if she would return for another season without her.

“I can’t imagine the show without Kyle,” she wrote. “She is such a good friend to us all and is full blown comic relief. I think you can ask any of the women and they would agree with me on this.”

Teddi also shared that she is unsure when filming for season 11 begins. “Unclear,” she wrote. “My guess is another month or so but truly I do not know.”

Mellencamp then revealed that she would ‘love’ Kris Jenner to join the Bravo hit reality series. “I love [Kris Jenner]!!! How fun would that be!!!!”

When Teddi was asked if she thinks Garcelle would leave the show following Denise’s departure, she wrote, “I could be wrong after that press interview she gave saying she would only do show if Denise came back BUT I do not think she will leave. My guess is she is staying but I think I have been wrong once or twice before so we shall see.”

Teddi also reacted to Brandi Glanville calling her a ‘c*ntability coach’ on WWHL. 

“I thought it was funny,” Teddi responded to a fan who asked her to react to Glanville’s comment. “Anyone that knows me knows I have an amazing business that helps people change their lives. I think [Brandi] was being cheeky and doing a play on words. I am not “revved” up about it.”

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