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Kandi Burruss Reveals Where She Stands With NeNe Leakes Following Their Dramatic Showdown At RHOA Season 12 Virtual Reunion!

Kandi Burruss reveals where she currently stands with NeNe Leakes following their explosive showdown at the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 virtual reunion.

Burruss began dishing about the drama that went down at the season 12 reunion. "It's a reality show, so you're dealing with real people, real emotions," Kandi explained on Quibi's Close Up by E! News. "And that time, it was a very heated discussion."

The Masked Singer winner was asked where she and her RHOA castmate Leakes currently stand. Burruss revealed that the two haven't really talked to each other since the reunion.

"This is the funny thing! I have seen her; I don't think she saw me," Kandi told Will and co-host Courtney Tezeno. "I saw her at a restaurant one day and walked right past her. She did not recognize me because I had the mask and I had, like, just got braids."

Kandi continued, "I wasn't looking like myself. But I said hello and she was talking to somebody and so I guess she didn't realize it me and kept walking."

And because Kandi and NeNe weren't "in a great space" as she put it, she just kept walking, too!

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal