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Lisa Vanderpump Teases ‘New Cast Members’ For ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 9 As Production Remains Up In The Air! Plus Lisa Gets Candid About Bravo’s Decision To Fire Stassi Schroeder And Kristen Doute!

The fate of Vanderpump  Rules has remained up in the air over a month after Bravo cut ties with Stassi Schroder, Kristen Doute, Brett Caprioni, and Max Boyens for their past racist actions.

However, SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump teased that the show may in fact return for Season 9 as new cast members will be added to the series.

“There are new cast members,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s really up to people that want to be front and center. I mean, I’m always all about that. Our companies are like the United Nations.”

However, sources reveal that the show may not return after the firing scandal. “VPR’s chances of getting picked up are looking less likely,” a source told Us Weekly. However, a second insider shares that that’s not the case and everything is just on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic — especially with restaurants closed.

LVP then got candid about the network’s decision to fire Schroeder, Doute, Boyens, and Caprioni.

“I think it’s sad, really, what happened, because I do think that people can learn from their mistakes, and I’m all about that,” she explained. “I think you’ve seen that on the show. Of course, we do know that we’re in this momentum of really people kind of standing up for what’s right, and I’m all about that and embracing that — and I do believe in zero tolerance for that — but I also believe that you can come back from that and you’re young and you can learn from it.”

Vanderpump continued: “So, if it were up to me, I would like to see them go on but really have a better understanding of where they went wrong and really, you know — I’m not into just kind of getting rid of people, because they get it wrong. Otherwise, I’d probably have nobody working for me at this point.”

Vanderpump shared that Stassi and Kristen's fate was not her decision but the network's as the two have not worked at SUR for many years.

“Stassi hadn’t worked for me for a couple of years, nor had Kristen. So that part wasn’t down to me really at all,” Vanderpump told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s not my decision. And I think that was then and this is now, but I’m all about giving people second chances, yes, but also about holding people accountable.”

Vanderpump added that she’s “reached out” to Schroeder, who is pregnant with her first child, “two or three” times in recent months.

“I haven’t heard back from [Stassi] and I really, you know, I do love them both,” she said, adding that she understands if Stassi wants to “step away” and focus on “a happy time in her life” with fiancé Beau Clark.

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal