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Ashley Darby Explains Why She’s ‘Team Monique’ In Explosive Feud Between RHOP Co-Stars Candiace Dillard And Monique Samuels; Says Candiace Has “No Decency”

Ashley Darby is sharing her thoughts on the dramatic fight between Candiace Dillard Bassett and Monique Samuels, which will play out in future episodes on the current season of The Real Housewives of Potomac, which premiered on Sunday. 

Darby has made it clear that she's 'Team Monique.'

"I'm definitely there for Monique. I check on her," she told The Daily Mail Australia. "I've always made it clear to Monique that I really value the woman that she is."

She continued, "We've had some issues in our friendship in the past, but when the time was really rough for me, Monique was always there for me."

"So, during that difficult time, even now, I have her back 100 percent because she really showed her loyalty to me so I'm reciprocating that and I am 100 percent loyal to Monique."

While Darby appears to be in a good place with the rest of her co-stars after years of feuding, the same thing cannot be said about Candiace.

"Candiace is a woman who just doesn't necessarily know when to stop," she said. "I'm not just talking in relation to what happens in the show. But also sometimes she can be persistent on social media. She doesn't really have the instincts of when enough is enough and it can be overwhelming for anybody," she told The Daily Mail Australia.

She added, "She really tested me last year when I was giving birth to my son on a Sunday when the show was airing, and she was just saying these horrible things about me, literally as I'm pushing a human out of my body. Like, you have no decency."

Photo Credit: Bravo