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Tanya Bardsley Opens Up About Her ‘Toxic’ Relationship With Dawn Ward; Says “We’re Like Sisters Who Argue And Then Don’t Speak For Ages”

Tanya Bardsley is opening up about the drama that went down on Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Cheshire between her and co-star Dawn Ward. Bardsley also explained why her relationship with Ward is "toxic."

Tanya reflected on the drama that went down last season, which was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. "It got cut short, which was probably for the best, because it was about to blow up! I think it was going to be one of the best seasons for fans," she told New! via Mirror.

Bardsley shared that she decided to end her feud with Dawn when coronavirus took hold of the globe as she realized that life was too short.

"I rang her after the series. With Covid it was all scary at the beginning, so I said, 'Listen, with all this going on, life’s too short. Let’s call a truce.' And she agreed."

"So we were talking and it was back to normal, but then we had the reunion and it kicked off again!" she explained.

When she was asked if she sees a reconciliation between the two, Tanya said; "We’ll always be alright. If someone’s in pain or hurting we’re there for each other. We’re like sisters who argue and then don’t speak for ages. Toxic sisters!"

Photo Credit: ITVBe