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Ronnie Negus Sets The Record Straight On RHOV Drama And Explains Why It Appeared That She Chose Jody Claman Over Mary Zilba!

Ronnie Negus is setting the record straight about her then relationship with former Real Housewives of Vancouver co-star Jody Claman. Negus addressed the topic after a fan accused her of ditching Mary Zilba for Claman after Ronnie shared a throwback photo with Zilba.

"Look what I found :) Me and @maryzilba back in the Day ♥️ Im thinking we were somewhere in our mid 30’s .... #RHOV Survivors !" she wrote.  "🖤 Who thinks we need an RHOV Reunion a photo of All cast mates Seasons 1 & 2 Or most of us Anyway ! 🙌🏻"

In the comment section of the post, Ronnie clapped back at a follower who accused her of choosing Jody over Mary.

"You mean what you saw on TV? For the record before you respond know this .... I did not know Jody before we started filming and have not spoke to her since we stopped filming," she wrote. "I do not wish ILL on her or anyone. However I will say this, Jody and I were always made to take the same Limo to every event because we live on the same side for  the bridge and it made economic sense for production to send one limo hence it must have looked like we were besties showing up everywhere “together”. Also Jody would never come up against me as I take no prisoners, and for some reason she just tried to align with me."

"Secondly my daughter nearly and I mean nearly died right before we started filming second season …. So f I seemed neither here nor there it’s because I wasn’t. I was barely surviving the tragedy of my child and my marriage was failing. I was fighting my own battles that no one knew nothing about on the home front and with alcohol with was clear," she continued. "You see what production wants you [to] see and for ratings. I am sorry I wasn’t there more for Mary as I could have been but again it is was what it was. Oprah Winfrey said it best I didn’t then what I knew how to do….. when I knew better I did better. When life for me calmed down and things got better I felt better. I am in a different place and stage in my life now and going on 5 years sober. Glad the chaos is behind me my daughter is alive and my husband and I found our way beach together and have never been happier or stronger. Hope that answers some questions for you."

"found our way *back together .... That was a lot to write and I’m surprised there are not more typos. Also I normally do not respond to things like this.... But I felt like responding to you asking me why I chose Jody over Mary," Ronnie explained. "In closing for anyone who is reading this ... the infamous tea party ... where Jody went nuts on Mary. I put my arms around Mary we went out into the gardens and she cried in my arms. We then went out for dinner. That was “Never” aired. The next day they made me film with jody to ask if she was Ok and what happened... again they wanted a show they wanted their show. 

She added, "And I had to do what they asked me to do and so I met with Jody following the Alice in wonderland tea party. @micky.palmer you were there that night that Mary and I had dinner at after the tea party @coastbyglowbal 😘💕"

Earlier this year, Zilba and Negus ended their feud and it appears that the two rekindled their relationship. Zilba shared a throwback photo on Instagram during the time where she was promoting the second season of the Slice hit reality series.

In the photo, she caption, "#tbt #Rhov #season2 #memories #somegoodsomebad @slice_tv @bravotv @ronniestevenson"

In the photo, she tagged, Ronnie Negus. If you recall, during both season, Mary and Ronnie, who were both besties feuded on and off, which they eventually ended their friendship after the series was canceled.

Since the show ended, both ladies have not publically mentioned each other or communicated publically on social media - until now.

Ronnie, who was tagged in the photo, responded to Mary in the comment section of the post.

"Hi sweetheart ! Yes memories. Oh my my .... what a interesting journey that was. A 3rd season would have been amazing. We have both lived, learned and grown so much, true friendship never dies. Love You ! ♥️," Ronnie responded to Mary.

After a fan revealed that he was happy to see them back in contact, Ronnie simply responded with an emoji heart. "♥️," Ronnie wrote.

After another fan wrote that she was rooting for Mary and Ronnie, Negus replied; "Many Thanks ...Love and Light 💫♥️"

Back in 2013, Slice confirmed that they were putting RHOV "on hiatus" despite pulling strong television ratings for the network, which they later canceled the series after two successful seasons.

Since the show ended, Ronnie has kept in touch with Amanda Hansen, Ioulia Reynolds, Robin Reichman, and Reiko MacKenzie.

As for Zilba, she has only kept in touch with original co-star Christina Kiesel, as the two reunited last year where Kiesel shared an update on her life since moving to the U.S. in Zilba's podcast.

Photo Credit: Slice