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Wendy Williams Slams NeNe Leakes On Her Talks Show For ‘Ambushing’ Her! NeNe Responds And Says “I Am Not Going To Hash Out A Friendship Over Social Media”

Wendy Williams recently slammed NeNe Leakes during the Hot Topics segment of her self-titled talk show. The talk show host claimed that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star after unexpectedly called her on Friday night and attempted to FaceTime her for a chat on her Instagram Live session.

“You know I don’t have face or time for FaceTime, period,” Williams said, according to PEOPLE. “If I don’t do it for my own parents of the show, why would I be doing it for someone over there. I like NeNe, but she’s still an over-there person to me!”

When Leakes called, Williams said she was watching the news before bed. Williams said she had no intention to be put on display that way again after making an appearance on RHOA earlier this season via phone call with Leakes.

“Honestly, here’s where the ambush comes in. She said, ‘Wendy, look’ — she was in hair and makeup and wardrobe with all her people — she said, ‘We filming and I want you to be on the speaker.’ I said, ‘NeNe, I did that for you one time.’ Remember my appearance? One time!”

“I made it very clear, I am not a Housewife,” Williams stressed. “Sorry, my career is a bit … different … than being a Housewife. I don’t need that kind of attention.”

“Like, I know I make this look easy and I know I have my ratchet ways, but the fact is I worked 35 years of my life to sit here for 11 seasons,” Williams added, according to PEOPLE. “It’s a full motion picture behind the scenes. I’m not slumming for being some add on out the suitcase for some Housewife. And yeah, for me, that is slumming. For where I am.”

Williams said she hung up on Leakes, and has yet to speak with her since. “As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to do anything,” Williams said. “People has said to me before, ‘Watch NeNe’ and I said, ‘Why? We’re just two girlfriends hanging out.’ But I do feel ambushed.”

“Here’s protocol: when you call someone and you want them to participate in something, you call them off speaker in the other room first. ‘Wendy, I want to record with you, do you think you could?’ And I still would have said, ‘No NeNe, I’m not a Housewife,’ ” Williams said.

Leakes later reacted to the drama on Instagram by sharing a cryptic graphic that read, “Public disrespect and private apologies don’t mix.”

She later spoke about the incident during an Instagram Q&A Session. The Bravo reality star revealed that she will not be answering any questions about Wendy.

“I will not answer any questions concerning Wendy,” she said. “I am not that kind of friend... any questions I have I will direct them to her. I wish she could have done the same. I'm always loyal. I will always be loyal. I am not a snitch. I will never be one and I am not going to hash out a friendship over social media.”

She added, “It won't benefit me at all and it won't benefit any friendship that I have. So the only friendship I will be fighting for over social media will be the ones I get paid to fight over social media for.”

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