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Vanderpump Rules Season 8 Reunion Will ‘Very Likely’ Be Filmed Virtually!

It appears that the Vanderpump Rules season 8 reunion will be filmed virtually just like The Real Housewives of Atlanta filmed their season 12 reunion and apparently the cast isn't loving the idea.

“It really is looking that way with a decision coming down any minute,” a source told HollywoodLife. “Nobody knows when they’ll be able to film and they know they need to get it done. Everyone’s health and safety is the biggest concern and they won’t take any chances.”

The insider also shared that “they will wait as long as they possibly can to be able to do it in person, but it’s looking less and less likely with each day that passes due to the Coronavirus.”

“Of course, everyone will be bummed out to not do it in person,” the insider continued. “They really do not want to have to shoot the reunion virtually as the cast is so large and there’s so much to say and that needs to be addressed,” the source added.

The outlet claims producers are also looking to create additional episodes and specials with the amount of unused footage they currently have to possibly extend the season. “Vanderpump Rules has so much footage since they shoot for so long that they are working on putting together enhanced episodes like a secrets revealed and fun facts type of episodes,” the source told HollywoodLife, also adding that “the show shoots longer than most other shows on the network so there is always a lot of footage.”

Photo Credit: Bravo