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New Details Emerge About Upcoming Virtual Reunion For Season 12 Of RHOA! Plus Find Who Is On The Chopping Block And When Filming Will Start For Season 13!

New details about the reunion taping for the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been revealed as well and potential casting news for the new season. Tamara Tattles recently spilled major tea about what we can expect for the first virtual reunion for RHOA.

The outlet states the following: “The reunion is set to tape this Thursday, April 23. Each cast member has been assigned their own producer, who has been calling them today to discuss their segments, prep, wardrobe, backdrop, etc. Everyone will have a crew come to their house to light, set up camera equipment and tech support so the reunion.”

The site claims that earpieces and tech equipment will allow the RHOA ladies to hear each other. Apparently, “production is still trying to work out not having a typical three second satellite delay.”

The network is hoping that the reunion will be “at least” two parts.

Tamra also reveals that Andy Cohen “is participating in the practice sessions with the stand-ins for the first time because he wants this to be the most epic reunion ever, and all agree that this should be the bow on the Nene vs. Kenya saga.”

As for what to except for the show's future when they return for Season 13? Tamara Tattles reports that “Season 13 taping is tentatively scheduled to commence in July.” 

As to who's on the chopping block? The site adds that “Eva Marcille is expected to be non-renewed.”  

Source/Photo Credit: Tamara Tattles, Bravo