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Ester Dee Explains Why She Ditched Lauren Simon’s Event In Season 11 Premiere Episode Of RHOCheshire!

Ester Dee caused quite a stir during the Season 11 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The blonde bombshell took to Instagram to reveal why she decided not to attend Lauren Simon's event.

"I panicked, I have been worried to be asked many questions. Plus did not want to argue as always happen in these parties together," she wrote. "Just feeling really happy at the moment.

"Did not need drama, they are other much quieter occasions when to catch with my friends, adding, "Plus no one noticed that I did not come."

During the premiere episode, Dee confirmed that she was in a relationship and was traveling back and forth from Spain, where her man lives, to Cheshire. None of the other ladies has really seen or spoken to Dee in months and were all questioning how she's been - including Dawn Ward.

Photo Credit: ITVBe