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Dawn Ward, Hanna Kinsella And Tanya Bardsley Open Up About Lauren Simon’s RHOCheshire Return!

Lauren Simon, who left The Real Housewives of Cheshire after the show's eighth season to focus on her ongoing divorce, made her official return to the series for the show's eleventh season, which premiered this week.

Lauren's co-stars are opening up how they feel about having Simon back on the show.

"Oh it's amazing [to have Lauren back]," Dawn Ward told the Daily Star Online. "Obviously Lauren's one of the originals and she's actually a very good friend of mine, I see quite a lot of Lauren outside of the show."

"It's so nice to have her back. She's really good fun, Lauren, she lights up every room. She never takes anything seriously and she's just really good fun to be around," Dawn continued. "She's brought good energy back to the show as well. She's very, very... Lauren's Lauren. She comes out with some whoppers, but I love her to bits."

Tanya Bardsley reveals she is also thrilled to have Simon back on the show. "It's lovely having the old Lozza back, I'm so happy," she told Daily Star Online. "She's just bonkers, isn't she? She just brings happiness and joy wherever she goes, she's great."

Meanwhile, Hanna Kinsella said, "I absolutely love our Lozza, she's brilliant," she told the publication about Lauren's return. "I think it's brought a breath of fresh air back in. It needed that."

Photo Credit: ITVBe