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Real Housewives Of Vancouver Alums Mary Zilba And Ronnie Negus End Their Feud!

Mary Zilba and Ronnie Negus have ended their feud. It appears that the Real Housewives of Vancouver stars have put their past issues behind them and it seems to appear that they are in a much better place. Zilba shared a throwback photo on Instagram during the time where she was promoting the second season of the Slice hit reality series.

In the photo, she caption, "#tbt #Rhov #season2 #memories #somegoodsomebad @slice_tv @bravotv @ronniestevenson"

In the photo she tagged, Ronnie Negus. If you recall, during both season, Mary and Ronnie, who were both besties feuded on and off, which eventually ending their friendship after the series was canceled.

Since the show ended, both ladies have not publically mentioned each other or communicated on social media - until now.

Ronnie, who was tagged in the photo, responded to Mary in the comment section of the post.

"Hi sweetheart ! Yes memories. Oh my my .... what a interesting journey that was. A 3rd season would have been amazing. We have both lived, learned and grown so much, true friendship never dies. Love You ! ♥️," Ronnie responded to Mary.

After a fan revealed that he was happy to see them back in contact, Ronnie simply responded with an emoji heart. "♥️," Ronnie wrote.

After another fan wrote that she was rooting for Mary and Ronnie, Negus replied; "Many Thanks ...Love and Light 💫♥️"

Back in 2013, Slice confirmed that they were putting RHOV "on hiatus" despite pulling strong television ratings for the network, which they later canceled the series after two successful seasons.

Since the show ended, Ronnie has kept in touch with Amanda Hansen, Ioulia Reynolds, Robin Reichman, and Reiko MacKenzie.

As for Zilba, she has only kept in touch with original co-star Christina Kiesel, as the two reunited last year where Kiesel shared an update on her life since moving to the U.S. in Zilba's podcast.

Photo Credit: Slice