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Real Housewives Of Johannesburg Friend Lerika Kleinhans Shows Her Support To Lebo JoJo Gunguluza And Brinnette Seopela!

Lerika Kleinhans, who has appeared as a "friend" since the first season on The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, took to her Instagram Story to reveal that her "favorites" on the show are Lebo JoJo Gunguluza and Brinnette Seopela.

The fashionista showed her support when she reposted a photo on Brinnette along with the caption, "Yessss fry them @Lebo_JoJo_Gunguluza @TheRealBrinnette my favs are on fire," she shared after Part 1 of the Season 2 reunion special aired on 1Magic.

In the original post, which Lerika reshared via her Instagram Post, the caption read as follows: "Yo Brizzy, I’m glad she stood up for herself. High school bullies Mpumi & Lethabo trash talked the Queen Brinette and slutshamed her thru out the season NOW “she is evil & could kill a person” when she is returning the favor. Go lower Brinette & Lebza I stan."

Photo Credit: Instagram, 1Magic