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Margaret Josephs And Her RHONJ Co-Stars Share Their Thoughts On Her ‘Horrific’ And ‘Painful’ Altercation With Danielle Staub; Margaret Says Danielle Is “Pathological, Unstable And Frightening”

Margaret Josephs is sharing her thoughts on her explosive altercation with Danielle Staub that aired during Wednesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. If you recall, the episode ended in a cliffhanger after Staub pulled Josephs' hair after she poured water over her.

"Happy New Year! I just want to check in & say while everyone is anticipating tonight’s episode it is very painful for me to relive. The energy that day frightened me & to this day it still does. I have never hit anyone nor did I after being pushed or being assaulted from behind," she tweeted.

She continued: "2nd part: what I did do after a half hour of a brutal back and forth with my personal space being invaded was to pour water on someone who was clearly looking to assault me and push me into a physical altercation. I have been told I deserved it, I asked for it.... I was attacked."

She added: "Part 3: a full 12 minutes after the fact from behind. My neck was snapped back, easily could have been broken. I could not defend myself. I could have been paralyzed. Everyone was crying including production. It was horrific. I wanted to forget move on . To this day devastated."

In the comment section of an Instagram post, Margaret shared additional details about her fight with Staub. "I didn’t cry assault that is exactly what it was. She came in looking to attack me and push me into a physical altercation for her to stay relevant. I purposely stayed away till confronted. Let’s remember who is full time cast member and who isn’t, there is a reason. The show went on and will go on with out her. She needs Teresa [Giudice] and me not vise versa. Her made for TV marriage along with her manufactured fake engagement hurt people I unfortunately introduced her too."

"I only wanted her out of my life after her wedding. She forced her way into a situation where no one wanted to be involved with her. Accusing me of breaking up her marriage is laughable. She can’t take responsibility for anything. She filed a restraining order against the man and accused him of abuse not only against her but her daughters. I guess I did that too. She is pathological, unstable and frightening. I tweeted to say how horrifying and frightening that day was. I said why I poured the water, I panicked, you were not there the feel the energy. We are all relieved it is over. No one is speaking to her. She continues to show her true colors by showing no remorse what so ever. My regrets are I tried to be a friend, truly cared for her and let my emotions get the best of me."

Josephs co-stars also took to social media to share their thoughts on her altercation with Staub.

"@MargaretJosephs I love you and will always have your back. #TeamMargaret #rhonj," Jackie Goldschneider tweeted.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aysin also came to Josephs' defense.

"It is totally unacceptable to physically hurt someone else! No matter what happened, @MargaretJosephs did not deserve that! #brutal #rhonj"

As for Teresa Giudice, she didn't directly say anything in particular but it seems like she's also on Margaret's side as she shared an Instagram Story from a fan page where they slam Staub over her fight with Josephs.

In the post, the caption reads: "Whoa. Just caught up on RHONJ," adding an "OMG" sticker.

The post concluded with the caption, "Danielle this will be your last season on Bravo. Byeeeee you are a psychopath."

The post also has a GIF that says, "Bully-Free Zone."

What are your thoughts? Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo