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Teresa Giudice Reveals She Has No Plans Of Quitting RHONJ Amid Joe Guidice Deportation Drama!

Teresa Giudice revealed that she has no plans of quitting The Real Housewives of New Jersey after her husband, Joe Giudice, returned to his native Italy as he awaits a final decision in his deportation appeal.

“Do I see myself [leaving the show]? No. Because hello, what’s my name? Teresa Giudice. I’m the OG,” she said while speaking at the Ultimate Women’s Expo in New Jersey on Sunday, November 3, according to Us Weekly. “If I leave, I think it’s not going to be a show anymore. Not like … I mean, it’s kind of all about me, unfortunately. Not that I even wanted it about me, and I don’t.”

 Teresa admits that she “always [goes] back and forth with this question” about her status on the Bravo hit reality series.

“‘Should I have done it, should I have not done it?’ It’s a hard question,” she said. “Listen, I guess God brought it to me for a reason, because I didn’t sign on the dotted line right away. It took me, like, 11 months to say yes to do it. So it’s like, I did think about it almost a year, and then finally I did it.”

“A lot of good and bad came out of it,” Teresa continued. “But now, since I’m in it, like, why leave now? I might as well ride the whole wave until I’m done. And thanks for all your support.”

As for her relationship with husband Joe, she said: “When I go see him in Italy, we’ll figure that out,” Teresa told the audience on Sunday, referencing her and her daughters’ plans to visit Joe in his home country “any day now.”

The Bravo reality star also said that her daughters know that they're discussing divorce. “I think they get it," Teresa stated. "I don’t think they want to see it happen, obviously, but I think they understand."

Photo Credit: Bravo